"Added here by popular demand. was on my profile at orkut if you guys remember."

Hope, you never leave me
Let you always reside in my heart.
When i am stumbling
When I am falling apart.
You rescue me.

When noone is by my side
When there is change in tide
When i am bereft of help
you be my guide

You be my guide
In the lanes of darkness
In the plains of brightness
In valley of sadness
On the mountains of happiness

Hope,you r my only support
In the ups n downs of life
In the rivers of sorrow
In the dreams of tomorrow

Please dont forsake me

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Anonymous said...

fantastic meena!!!
superb! great meter, great rhyme...
and the emotions are so tangible...
love this poem! we demand more...!:D

now i know how the term 'back by popular demand', came to be associated with your poetry...!;)

Anonymous said...

i couldn't help it... wanted to review ur first works... jobless i guess...!!

ur first is apparently ur best...!!


very nice and poignant..

Sanket Rathod said...

Well... this is one blog i'm gonna spend time reading entirely! Great writes! and great blog as well! except that it could use the writer's name somewhere! ;) keep inking!