Prophecy of Doom

Shadows of time past,
dreams of morrow

hollowed today
paves the way
harsh and narrow

Sins of fathers,
the graves of the sons
With inescapable candor

An inexplicable sorrow
In the glow of shine-less sun
And a moonless night


Come with me dear,
have no fear!
I will take you to places,
with wide open spaces

wild n exciting, the eternal dance
round and round,
to see the world all around!
Come on darl take a chance....

the wind beseeched

tempted the leaf, leaves the tree
Lost in the dancing spree,
It touches the sky,
Flying high,

Sun showers his glory on it,
while the birds sing farewell
Oh! the leaf never knew,
it has but, moments few

happy for time, brief...

Twirling and swirling,
soon it lands,on the ground
And the rakish wind?
alas, cannot be found

Ah what a leech!

For greener pastures,
and younger allure,
abandoned, left astray
the leaf gently, drifts away

drowned, in grief

autumn leaves in life,
abandoned with promises,
lost, in an abyss
Like forgotten kisses...

in sands of time

The Flower....

Danced with the wind,
Gentle swishing,
Spreading my heavenly fragrance
Swaying to the tune
Of the blue jay's croon
With my dear ones near
I was not happy
Was longing for vagrance....

I wanted to see the world,
find places and people
Adorn a lovely lady's braid
I was never afraid,
Embraced the future, that unfurled

Hands of destiny heard my prayer,
I was plucked, kept in the foyer
With thousands of different others,
Fearful and teary they were,
Of myriad different colors,

I was on the spur....

A lady took me as an offering,
to the mighty lord.
I was strung in a cord,
I glowed in heavenly light
There was no end to my delight!

Soon the day turned to night,
And the gush of devotees turned to trickle
I never realized, fate was fickle,
Lost my charm, color and smell
alas, from the grace, I had fell

Unceremoniously dumped in the bin,
wherein the muck and dirt, to the edge cling
Trampled all over, left to rot
I thought I was for a spin,
The memory of home, in my throat caught..
I remembered the beautiful shady tree,
my home;
Where blue jay's sing, to the wind...

Left alone , no one to hear my sighs.
I realized;
Travels of mind, are of different kind,
With friends, and laughter
Where bees sought after..
thats where my world lies,

alas it was too late....
I had finally resigned to my fate

My dream?

Empty nights and listless days,
A journey of open eyes,
Where does the blame lie?
Will they ever go away?

As sun peeps, from behind the hills,
And birds sing farewell,to the beloved moon
And welcome the crimson dawn,
I stifle the budding yawn,
Its about time, I pop some pills,

For the dream goddess won't come,
Unless invited,
Under effect of the drug,
My favorite bunny I hug,

Asleep finally, All set to visit
Myriad different places,
That my mind traces,
On the canvas of induced sleep

I visited some hidden lands,
Untouched unexplored,
Where the flowers bloom
In colors galore

I swam with the swan,
The deers I out ran,
Within a short span,
A new journey I began

Caravan of tears,
Intense and dark,
I faced my fears,
Naked and Stark.

As if on wings,
I suddenly flew,
With the sun,
In the sky so blue

Tittered with the birds,
Sashayed with the cloud,
Danced with the recalcitrant wind
Sang songs with lyrics, absurd

Like the twigs and the leaves
I drifted,
delighting in every view,
Each of a different hue,
Was I really gifted?

Thats when I felt someone push
Down I went, in the bottomless pit
Awake, I threw a fit!
"Why can't you hush?"

Alas, the alarm can't hear
As I press the button,
The variegated image faded,
And I am awake, Jaded...

Love of mighty sun

The brightest shade of yellow they are
I see them from afar,
Lest I mar their beauty,

Such Is our love,

I burn till eternity
While they live in gaiety
I Alit, they aglow,
I,alone above!

Sway with the breeze
dance with the bees
Smiling with ease

Unaware, innocent..they tease

Silent witness,
That I am,
The wise one,
I wait, I know

Enfettered by time,
They will die,
In dust they will lie

Away from my realm

As I go down the horizon

I mourn

They await me,
Dream about in sleep
With the first glance

They leap.....

Follow my trail
All through the day
Wait for my touch

The ebon sky that lit,
In thousand shades,
has long faded

As the amber gold,
soon turns back
into inky blue

It is you I wanna hold
Alas,My midas touch
Keeps me away

Cursed, I burn,
The ever so might sun,
Oh my dear flower,
Yours forever

I burn,
Die thousand deaths
For you I await

The oasis of dawn
I wait,
For glimpse of happiness
That kowtows to gloom
As I, to moon


Dreams destined to forever gleam,
In dark recesses of my mind..
I wonder what will I find,
Beyond the glitzy glamor
All is not as they seem

And yet, every night is the same
I am lost , totally insane
purple dreams and silvery nights
An unwilling battle I fight
will I ever win?


Meandering in the park,
Thinking.. why love?
What makes it so special?
Why am I still in dark?
What exactly is love?

Thats when I saw a bee
Moving flower to flower
Dancing in glee
I asked the sweet fragrant rose
Why him?
he is so disloyal dont you see?

I live for just a day,
The rose said,
I would rather spend few moments with him,
Alive n gay, forever close
Or I would be dead

Confused I reached home,
Deep in thought, I went to balcony,
Enticed by the nightangle's symphony
I asked," Tell me about this love syndrome"

She laughed at me outright!
Love cannot be explained in words
It needs heart's insight
How do I express what I feel
An experience Surreal

Flummoxed I went inside,
A lamp burnt by the windowsill
A fluttery firefly embraced
shimmering flame, I was enraged
Did you have your fill?

Is this what you call love oh flame??!!
A soul died, you are to blame!
It said, " Love, you will never understand"
Coz love doesnt demand,My friend
It withstands, Marks of destiny,
For I am left to tell this story,
While the fly gets all the glory

Again, I thought,
What the heck is love?
Is it emotion overwrought?
For it, battles are fought
Dangers dared,
Many have despaired
And yet, it is
Forever sought!!


all my emotions..
All my thoughts
Yes, I am numb,
To this pain I succumb

Cold, Cold as ice,
burning inside,
Calm deceptively,
There is storm in waiting,
Hidden, It wont subside

Tired I am,
Tired of ever-present lies,
Of the over bright smiles,
Tremulous and fragile
Of the variegated guiles!

Is it too hard to see
What lies underneath
disguises multi-fold?
Or are we afraid,
Of the face of Naked truth?
Whom do we really cheat?

Web of despair,
Resentment and guilt
As the dream flowers wilt
and yet I, unaware

Hollowed within,
Shallowed without
I wait to thaw
Numb numb I am

Lost in the bedlam

Collage of dreams

Mixed the clay
With sprinkle of water
Kneaded with dreams
molded with my thoughts
a shape began to form
I could see it happen

Filled it with color
stolen from the rainbow
A motley of feelings
condensed with,
amber of the sun

A veneer of glaze
To make you shine
oh delicate beauty
Adorned and intricate

Wherever you are
Oh beautiful part of mine
Make someone smile
Atleast for a while

I kept coming back to you
Couldn't keep away
Oh how I wish you could stay
Not to be sold for dollars few

Alas, it is not to be
you are meant to share
And glitter in limelight
not tucked away, out of sight

How did the sweet cat know
the inner thoughts of mine
off to the ground you go
Marked by the hands of feline

Little shards of dreams
A shadow of what you were,
Ah the beauty never fades
Pieced it together,
A collage I made,
To be near me forever

Yet again...

Yet again, I remember
The days bygone,
Shimmering embers

Rose tinted,
It glints,
Like saphire

Your silky hair unchecked
Wild with the wind,
Golden specked

Like stars in the sky,
your teeth,
pearls of light

Your eyes,
Slowly enticed
Like darkness of the night

Still sends a tremor, Down my spine, Still... I quiver

Gloriously free,I was
In your arms
Ah your thousand charms!

Caught in a mire,
Indeed, I burn,
In unrestrained desire

Alas,promises written on sand
swept away,
Leaves nothing behind

Imprinted in memory,retained forever, frozen in time

Yet again I ache,
At night, wide awake,

Yet again I await,
The day break

Yet again for me
The clouds wept

The rains kept my company

As the world slept

Yet again....

A Poem

Few words suspended,
Few grievances expended

Some thoughts condensed
Some respite dispensed

Many feelings, bosom
Creates .....

A poem


Fragmented visions,
Distorted lesions
Perpetual derision,

Partisan thoughts
heart distraught
emotions overwrought

Rumor rife
Endangered life
Forever in strife

Future bleak
reasons oblique
And we..
Interminably critic!

If only

PS: This is written for a friend kirtan.. but I liked it so posted it here!!

Behold her!
Venus on earth...

Wildness of the sea,
Flower of desert!


Is it sway of her hips?
Definitely, curve of her lips

Has me beguiled

That alabaster brow,
Radiance aglow,

Sculpted to perfection...

Curl of her lashes,
Paradise, in flashes

Oh why oh why!
She disappeared....

did she hear my heart beat?
Crying out loud!

Who is she?
This goddess,
Certainly a fairy..

No! A witch!
My heart, her slave

Is she for real?

Alas! just an illusion

If only,

I could find her
My life would be complete
Finally content

If only....

Vampire love

Ah the nightangle croons,
Haunting tunes.
Dark clouds shroud the moon

The breeze whisper,
Sweet nothings,
Baiting me,

I hunger for your touch.....

Desire rises its head,
Like a snake, sneaks
And I meek

Its you I seek.....

The ivory sheen,
The lilting melody
And your crimson gleam

I quiver

Take me unto yourself,
Drink my life juices
Inculcate me

In you....

You eyes seduces,
I am pliant, all ready
Come take me,

Taste the ecstasy..

Let me fly,
While you enjoy
My blood

Indulge in me ...

Can you hear my heart thud?
For you, it beats,
In my death.. Lets rejoice

In this dark desire..

Oneness of love,
Dance of eternity,


My desires

Few whispered desires,
Caught by the wind,
Dances through the night,


Sashayed with the Autumn leaves,
Magic it weaved,
alas! with the banshee


My Reflection

I look within
Something elusive

I disengage the knots
slowly with care,
Afraid to break,
This thread of love

Full of feelings,
Thoughts that,
Ripple through my consciousness

Of myriad hues
A complex labyrinth

Delving deep enough,
I find you,
sweet little girl
Like the sun,
Brightening my world

Search me, you say
Mutely I comply,
Through the twisted bends
In an unexplored corner,
I find me

My search ends,
My doubts,
my fears rescind

With a smile,
I engulf you,
As you slowly disappear,
In me.

The best part of me,
My reflection

The thing called love...

Damn you! you confuse me so!
Little careless gestures that you do,

Makes my heart glow
You have no idea, no clue!

Every word that you say,
Dissected for hidden meanings

And in memory is tucked away
To recall, again and again, before sleeping

I know this is fruitless,
Just a futile exercise
Someone tell my crazy heart

To let go, and to thwart

Those stupid hopeless dreams
Coz things are not as they seem
You are not mine and never will be
What my mind can, why can't heart see?

Your eyes...

Your eyes,

Penetrate my soul,
Naked I am,
To my very core....

Your eyes,

Break down my defenses
Vulnerable I am,
No pretenses,

Your eyes,

See through my lies,
My fake smiles, my tears
Discern my fears

My every thought exposed,
My every emotion,
Laid thread bare
My every secret disclosed

Your eyes,

Torment my nights
Helpless I am,
Overwhelm my sight

Your eyes,

Every veil they defy,
Over come every disguise
I devise

And inscribe your presence
In every pore of me

I never could just say...

I could never just say,
That I love you
Words just won't come,
But I was always there
When you felt lonesome
I blew away your blues

When things went wrong,
When you needed someone strong
By your side, I stayed all along
Through all seasons,
And for no reason...
In doldrums of despair
I whispered, I will always care

The days.. slowly passed away
Lights, senses, colors in disarray
As my feet squished the clay,
Down by the brook,where we met,
Watched together in silence- the sunset
But I could never just say

Birds have now flown away
leaves have fallen
Long days paved way
For the endless nights
And the northern lights,
have lit the skies
And you no longer in sight

For you have left long time back
Not heeding to the words I lacked
I said it through my sighs
I implored with my eyes
As the clouds turned grey
And yet I could never just say

After so long you called today,
You had something to share
Unwarranted hope lustily arise
And thousand death in a moment, it dies
Unbidden unshed tears, in my eyes rife
For there was someone in you life
The marriage is in coming may

I swallowed all my unsaid words,
And pasted the ever present fake smile
And said, " best wishes for walking down the aisle"
As my heart broke in countless shreds,
Like pearls escape from the binding thread
I didn't say it, My only rue
Till my last breath, will still love you



A melange of dreams,
illusion of stream,
In quenching thirst....

Soothing breeze in scorching heat
A ray of hope in defeat
Still a mirage!

That muted heart beat,
That gaze, the pause-
before the lips meet

Is bliss!


A squeeze of hand,
Wishes grand,
Sharpened senses,

Fluttering heart,
Rambling thought,
Worried me!

Clock ticking,
Days passes by,
And night spent in longing

Oh such an agony!

Wait.. interminable wait,
My fate!

Seems like it would never end
Like a gentle rain,

Soothes me,
Fires my dream
gives hope,
Lights my darkness,

Anticipation-A bitter sweet emotion!

Rain, welcome

Darkened clouds humid air,
Thunder and lightning a distinct fanfare
horns blare.. riders glare
Do not despair
Just hang in there

As Traffic freeze..
And people sneeze
As drops falls down,
seemingly with ease

Lush and green ..just pristine
world has taken a new sheen
As pretty maidens dance and preen
Love has slipped in unseen

Welcome dear monsoon,
Welcome oh Lady june
Drench me and drown my fears
Fill my heart and wipe my tears

But.. not for me!!!

A wee little girl of three
Went shopping with her mummy.
Oh dear what a crowd!
All engrossed in shopping spree
got lost, she did, oh poor baby!
"Mummy Mummy!" she cried aloud

Scared she was and utterly alone
A lady saw her and came to help
Few others join and they decide
We'll find the mother of this whelp
Until then we will be by her side
As tears in her eyes, shone

They all searched helter and skelter,
Investigated every darkened nook,
Still her mom was hard to find
Everyone was out of their mind
Wondering who will give this kid a shelter
knowing not where to look

One of them had a brilliant thought
I know how to bring her mother like a moth
We can give her to the cop, he suggested
After all he can be trusted
He would know what to do
Its time to go guys, you know its true

Many of them wanted to concur
And some to differ
To them it didnt occur
They are making the kid suffer,
Due to exertion, wearied
Listlessly they queried

Tell us oh sweet dear,
how do we identify your mother
give us some description
Some mark of recognition rather
Is there something you can say?
something that would show us the way!

Suddenly happy the girl replied
The most beautiful woman of earth
is my darling mother,
Why do you find it hard to find her?
when there can be no such other!
at them saying this,hopefully she eyed

Some one suggested the mike
Announcement for a lost tyke
women who think they are beautiful
Please do come by the pool
Waiting for someone to respond
The gathered by the pond

So many beautiful women came
But none of them was that elusive dame
Is there no one who could claim
to know this baby?
The elderly man entreated
As the crowd yet again retreated

Tiredly on the bench they all slumped
When a woman tentatively approached
nonedescript feature, broad nose, she was fat
In an instant the child was in her arms
covered with kisses and all smiles
Mother and child, thanked one and all,
Without any guile

However, for one question we all do hanker
Please consider this without any rancor,
Said an inconsiderate youth,
Pardon me we dont mean to be rude
Forgive us, but you are ugly
The child replied with innocent smile
But not for me,
She repeated with a twinkle in her eye
But not for me

The song

A note soared high,
In the golden misty morning
Slowly reached the sky,


Twirled with the clouds
Swirled with the winds
Danced with the fallen leaves,


Singing birds in tandem,
Croon in delight
Diadem of dew drops on flowers,shining bright


As the dream fairy slips way,
Dancing to your haunting melody
I wake up and hear you play


You weave magic with your flute,
Silken knots of finest golden,
I bear witness mute,


As the world disappears,
into oblivion;
And I build castles in the air

An illusion

Reveling in the fantasy,
A melange of hopes,
Like waves in the sea,


But your music ends,
And my castles crumble,
To reality I stumble

A will o' wisp