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Closet cleaning

Few old letters, re- read
Few snaps re - looked
Memories renewed
Some tears shed.

Those pebbles of various colors,
collected from the 
Golden sandy shores
Shaken, toyed with

A leaf with few words inscribed
"forget me not"
Ah a bundle of ribbon caught

A string with pasted hearts
Each holds a word
Ah each holds my world!

Every little detail revised and set aside
I realized
I have nothing to clean!


Shall I call you the moon my dear?
But the moon has spots and it comes in the night
You are the flower of the day, dancing in the light!

Shall I call you the sun then ?
But the sun in the noon , scorches too much.
And you have such an soothing touch!

Let me call you the brightest flower
Nay, the softest shower!
But the flower withers and the rain dithers!
Can't call you that !

Shall I then use the choicest words to coin you a name
Munchkin, pumpkin, truffle, ruffles..
Ah so many to claim!
And yet none fit the bill

So here I am , searching for one still!

Written for : ReadWritePoem


I search,
for the elusive
the uncompromising and
all encompassing truth in dead

Charmed - Cinquain

Flying high
Looking below
A fluid panorama
Awaits my fearful heart and I gaze;

Written for : ReadWritePoem

An old man by the roadside

By the roadside,
Where the hawker sells his wares
And the lazy roam without any care.
Especially on the dusty afternoons
Where the wild flowers bloom
With hasty abandon
Under the harsh sun,
Sits an old man, who abides,
For his son to come.
He would tell his story,
If you just listen.
With tears that glisten,
He would tell you of past glory
Would you listen ?

Prompted at : OSI


Around midnight yesterday,
I strained my ears to hear,
Those mystic faded tunes
That you used to whisper once
In my ears.

Around midnight yesterday....
Sleep sneaked in slowly
And my weary eyes drooped
As your words reverberated
Like a lullaby

Prompted at : OSI 

I am...

I am the river that flows through your veins,
I am the air you breathe that keeps you alive.
I am the sun that shines in the sky,
I am the moon that shies behind the cloud
I am the tree, I am the shroud,
I run deep, I run shallow,
I am the food that you swallow!
I am the beginning, I am the end
I am the calm , I am the storm
I am the surge and it's swell
I am the planets and the stars as well.
I am pleasure, I am pain
I destroy, I mend,
I collect, I drain
I persevere, I dread
I am the color red.
I am the flood.
I am the blood.
I am just that. I am.
I exist.

Written for : ReadWritePoem


For all the days to come
Remember this!
If ever it happens that you
Encounter that you are all alone and
Need someone, for any damn thing
Don't hesistate to holler
So that I can come 
Help you through the toughest phase
Incase, that is not possible I shall
Pray for your well being. 

Prompted at : Acrostic only 


You look upto me with innocent eyes,
And I engulf you in a tight hug
Until I see the spoilt rug!
Just then you know to swiftly run
Ah you know! Its no time for fun!

And yet when I don't see you for long
A thud in my heart simply cries out!
Filled with fear and many a doubt
Oh my baby my darling sweety!
Where are you? Won't you come along?

And on the cue you appear from nowhere
As if you were waiting for my voice
Calling for you with loving care
Contrite you look, wagging your tail
And I can't stay angry, my resolves simply fail :-)

A sijo

Like the paint, peeling off the unopened, long forgotten door
Strained, my nerve endings are aquiver and my fragile heart quite sore,
Waiting for the one who dwelled there for long and doesn't want to any more!

Written for ReadWritePoem

The problem with waking up...

Every night you visit me,
Beneath the moonlit sky
Under the canopy of stars
We watch the world gently pass by

In the forest of my dreams,
We dance with the leaves
To the rhythm of the dancing stream
With my hand on your sleeve

We swim in the valley of happiness
Drenched in contentment- feeling blessed!
In the garden of wishes
We exchange few kisses

Reveling in your proximity
I grow into an unmatched beauty
Your eyes caressing me with such avidity
And your touch turning  me into a restless sea

And then to wake up to dismal reality
Of dealing with your frigid formality
And knowing for sure that it is true
Of my feelings you have no clue!

I met three tears yesterday

I met three tears today,
To hold them at bay
I struggled so much;
Yet they sneaked through anyway

   Trickled down 
       her cheek  so pale
In the welcoming folds 
Of my careworn saree

The next 
    found its way 
         To her quivering lip
A dew,
On a tender flower-tip,
I gently kissed it away

And the third, 
    didn't dare leave 
       The  safety of her doe-eyed lids

Like a diamond in the light.
I clutched her to me really tight!

Ah I met three tears today
A rain, a dew and a diamond
They did what words couldn't do.
Bound us in an unwavering bond....

Written for ReadWritePoem

Together yet apart

Opposite attract they said..
And so it seemed,
On that very first day!

Us. Attracted. Opposite.
Like chalk and cheese;
Fire and ice.

Alas!  they forgot to quote,
Chalk and cheese cannot be eaten together
And when fire meets ice
What remains is,
An inexplicable, mind numbing void.

And a web of lies
As shaky and as convoluted as our ties.

Wasn't it better that we never met ?
Like the two (river)banks,
That flowed together yet stayed apart

Prompted at : Poefusion

Memorable moments

A box full of joys
A sprinkle of tears
Mixed with love
Peppered with mischief
Sweetened with friendship
Then served in small portions.

Submitted at : Poetry stretch

Guilty Conscience - The big boss :P :P

I am the keyhole.
Discern your innermost secrets
Peek through your defences.
Delve into the unexplored recesses

I am the walls that run through your house
Hear every word spoken
Observe your every move
Nothing escapes me.
I spy.

I am your shadow,
Creep through the things
Fly without the wings
Like the nebulous mist
I sneak.

I am your conscience!
Lurk below your carpets
hide behind the drapes
Buried in the closet,
I prick.

Muse- thy have many forms.

A  poet's pen, a painter's brush, 
A deepened blush, An heady rush!
Muse- thy have many forms
An heady rush, a deepend blush
A  poet's pen, a painter's brush!

Written for NAISAIKU Week VII


A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.
Glittering through  life,
Me, no one can ignore.
When I talk, when I smile
Many a heart beat stop awhile.
A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.

Solitaire. Solitary. Alone.
When required, 
I can rip  apart your bones.
Hard as nails. Cold as stone.
A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.

Ornamental at his arms,
Dancing at a snap of his fingers
I seduce with  many charms.
Behind me envy lingers,
A collector's item I am.
A solitaire diamond thats what I am.

Prompted at TOP and ReadWritePoems