No do not break those anklets
They are not shackles
They are your identity!
They are not holding you back
evil snake slithers in slowly!
Good comes with pomp and music
The harbinger of everything pure
It will lead you right.. for sure!

Please do not remove these blobs of tinkles
Each time it breaks it is rejoined
Like phoenix.. it rises again
From the dance of pleasure and pain
So are you redefined in every walk of life
Why this hesitation why this strife ?

These anklets are not just ornaments, dear
Its the symbol of femininity
Who but a ravaged lover knows
What the sound of anklets holds
Stopper of many a heart beat
Creating havoc with every step..
Singing languidly on your feet
These anklets are not mere adornment
It is you honey.. please don't leave it back

In search of answer..

In silence I seek answers
For questions unformed
Is it any wonder
that Silence is all i get ?

As I traverse through the inroads
Of my rambling mind
Noise ..Noise everywhere..It comforts
Voices from forgotten past.. Explodes!
What am I trying to find ?

There I see a door that I avoid
Door that holds all the answers I seek
Yet always am afraid to reach
To open.. afraid to find
What if there is nothing but a teeming void ?

You and me

Binded by ashes of time
Though apart.. together in this rhyme
As we go through the mime
Called life

You and me
Traversing the guilty roads of past
Bludgeoned by regret and memories
Why didnt it last ?

Here we are again, Wanderers in refuge
Vagrants of my dreams
Remembered in this verse
Please disperse!

A post card to heaven

Some loosely binded words

Ernest pleas

Deep abiding faith

Vying with haunting past's wraith

Looking for a beacon

Some ray of hope

Longing to enliven

Longing to cope

She writes a letter

A wee little girl of ten

A letter with no forwarding address...

A post card to heaven

Few lines from my orkut profile.....

In silence I seek answers
For questions unformed
Is it any wonder
that Silence is all i get ?


I'll do my time and I won't argue
Coz reason some where has gone askew
Words exchanged though none worth a shit
You can think what you may seem fit
Its not me who incited the flame..
And its not me who appropriated the blame


Soar high. higher even more
The sky is urs to conquer
Do not look down
Look upon the stars

Its your day today
Time to prove your mettle
Wait not for anyone else
Am here looking out for you

The path is not smooth
Wind plays tricks with you
So does the burning sun
Do not rest your wings yet

Its just half way through
Nay, do not ever think of quitting
Its you who is leading
Am here to bask in glory
Of your first victory

Oh there you are so near to the finish line
Dancing all the way, reveling in your skills
Oh aren't you enjoying it now?
Oh why did you look down ?
And you come reeling ... Crashed!

Oh my baby, What did I do
Now You are so high.. higher than high
And I can never reach you even if i try
I wanted you to win the race
I wanted you to be an ace
But I never ever wanted you to die.....

Secret Love

There you were waiting beneath the tree
And I observing you, on the sly
As the time slowly crawls by....

How I wish I was that gust of wind
caressing your hair
while u slept without any care

I wish I was that rain drop
Flowing from your forehead gently
Stealthily stopping on your lip

What wouldnt I give to be that bag
slinging on your arm all day
never forgotten, never left astray

I wish I was that moon beam
Making love to you; agleam
While you dream

I can see your profile
Classic face with bohemian hairstyle,
Oh you have me beguiled!

But I guess its time to stop dreaming, to go
She's here , your love
Radiant in happiness, aglow

My love was destined to fail
The ship drowned before it sails
Like the autumn leaves on the trail

Secret, stolen memories
Long forgotten auguries
It will remain in some nook
Of my heart
Like a flattened rose
In an long forgotten book

A dew drop

There she is in all her splendor
Soft and cozy
Seated on the carmine throne
Adorned with divinely glow
Smiling at everyone; Angel's halo
Winking at the rising sun
its time for her to go
She gave us all her joys - different hues
Adieu my pearl! Adieu

Oh fog! My plea to you

Welcome me in ur bosom
I cant take it anymore
Swirling like a whirlwind
My life has gone sore

It is not that i didnt try
I am on all fours
Forgotten tears, eyes dry
Crumbled under the downpour

In search of Light,
In delight I went
Returned in blight
Now i am completely spent

Encompass me, soothe me!
In the darkness let me drown
Let me rest, recuperate
Give me the strength to abate

This dreariness clouds my senses
There will come yet another day
And I will fight my way through the pretenses
For now I allay my fears and mend the defenses

Cloak me in your hood for a while, Let me brood
Till hope in me is renewed
Veil me with your nebulous presence
Oh fog! I beseech you
With all my reverence

my love

How do i love you, you ask
With a slathed gray smoke,
your eyes a mask
Your stance a rigid stone
All set to disown
My feelings my love
Like the eagle that dove
Towards earth,
My heart soared
Then crashed; Am hurt

What proof can i give
What words would you believe?
When you dont see the emotion in my eyes
The care in my sighs
How do I show you my allegiance ?
Does flame prove its brilliance?
Or moth its constance
Can we seperate flower from its fragrance
How can you be seperate from me
Without heart can body be?

How do i love you, you demand
If i tell you would you understand?
When you know the relation between
cloud and mountain
Waves and the land..
Its then you will start to comprehend
The depth of my affection
Till that day, I wait
And let silence take command


Disgruntled grumblings
Half baked ramblings
Peircing words
Creating discord
As anger recede,
tears come tumbling


Another long tiresome day
On the meandering way
twists n turns
As thoughts churns..

Another mournful night
juggling with memories, words trite
Empty coffee cups n cigarette butts strewn
As i hum an offbeat tune

Another colorless evening
strained falsified smile pasted, legs cranking
As i trudge slowly amidst jostling crowd
The sun to moon kowtowed

Slowly day passes by
As night sneaks in on the sly
With lengthening shadows
Comes the dead hands of past

Soon looms the phantom of morrow
As i deal with unknown sorrow
Seems to me things never divert
May be its me, immobile and inert


Whisper nothing i cant hear
Show me nothing i cant see
Leave me alone and i wont be
My existence tagged with you
And yours mingled with me
I exist in your thought
Without that I am naught

Silence speaks

Silence speaks
A thousand words
From the sinewy mountain peak
Bellows even,
starting from end
and ending from start
Silence speaks,
Through the dancing leaves
A lovers heave

Silence speaks
a thousand words
through the lady's glance
And the lamb's prance
Straight from the heart,
A work of art
silence speaks
Screams through the dark night
echoes with the ray of light