A regret

A regret I have,
Held it secretly, all this while
I wish I had
Something to remember you through,
A picture, some words
Is it too much to ask ?

A whisper,
deep in my heart,
I would never need anything,
To remind me of you
For you pervade,
my very being!

And yet,
I so wish,
You felt the same too!


The cadence of your eyes,
Gently reminds me,
Of my earlier resolve,

Lost in the sensation
Allured by the sugary delight
I crumble...

And when your brows curve,
Humbly I let go,
With a sheepish smile

Then the curve of your lips,
Bright with mischief
Gobble it up!

Prompted at : 3WW

I now have a dream

For all those vacant empty stares,
And the vague games that I played
With the spider crawling through the wall,
While I traversed through the darkened thoughts

I now have a dream....

A belief that the stars can be reached
This wall of inhibitions and defenses
Can slowly be breached

I know things are not easy as they seem

And yet, dreams can be made true,
If I only see it through
For life is worthwhile, only if you try !

I now have everything that I'll ever need...

Prompted at : Meme Express

Winter of my muse

The colorless colors of my words,
At the listless verses that I spew,

Is there anything that I want to say ? 
Changing and rearranging
Rehashing! Same emotions....
They seem lost

Is it me?
Living behind the countless defenses,
Fences, that I created,
Lost the ability to really see?

The vivid colors that once danced

Waiting to be noticed
Seems to have faded, 
Like autumn leaves

Is it any wonder, that winter is here ?


Entwined arms part
For tryst with the unknown, wind beckons
Dreams forfeit, love lost

Prompted at : 3WW

I wish I had

How I wish to capture,
The swish of the curl,
of that impertinent smile
And the twinkle of that eye
Filled with mischief...

I wish I had,
When you were near, yet here

How I wish I could,
hold your warmth within me
Melt in your wordless sea,
And may be,
Breathe in your scent,
And never let go,

I wish I had,
When you were near, yet here

I would be satisfied,
If I could live with the chimera
I would find light,
In the darkest of the umbra
And yet, this is denied to me
For you have left ,
Out of the realms of my five senses

And yet you remain,
In my heart, forever lodged
Your touch inscribed, on my body
And your picture, in my eyes!
And your voice...
a music that echoes
through my consciousness
And you color my dreams,
As you once colored,
my every waking moment

And I am drenched to my very core,
In the very essence of you


In life's myriad schemes-
Like chameleons in panic,
Deceptions we create!

Prompted at : 3WW


Unseen hesitation warred,

With faint glimmer of passion..
Fortune miswrites..
And I am left with,
A land of barreness,
Where once crimson streaked
The inner lanes of my heart
I am now,
left with Viduity,

I welcome adversity,
Like a canopy,
Let it cacoon me,
Like a salve for the wound
And now,
this piece of orange,
This saree,
Arouses the feelings,
And I see,
dreams I never let myself see

I wish, It was me,
Who wiped the sweat, from your head
After a long tiring day
I wish, It was me,
That you wed.
And it was you, that marked my gateway,
To bliss, to love

And while you repose,
I wish, I could gently sneak into your arms
And our love be the only ambrose,
that we would seek
And as you find my various charms,
Oh so slowly,
I wish, I could color your dreams too

Furtively, I touch,
The small box that holds,
Everything denied to me,
A streak of red,
Ah! why oh why fortune played this game?
I know it never will be same,
I chance upon her

She who is your wife,
And that cherubic face,
Of your child
And I curtail my wild thoughts...
For it was never to be..
I know this saree will never be worn,
Like that life, that will never be born
Which once we dreamt about, together...

P.S: in response to the prompt at poefusion and 3WW

I know I am super late! Sorry for that :) When I checked the prompts initially this poem struck me.. though the theme I thought about is totally inspired by a scene in a tamil movie whose name I don't even remember but I would love to give the back ground....

This scene is pictured as a song.. and i dont remember the song even.. I have not tried to translate it or anything.. just my impression..

The heroine is a widow and in dire straits.. hero, who is now married to someone else finds her and shelters her in his house. The wife knows about their past and is sympathetic. Heroine isnt much educated as is norm in the village.. however they r childhood sweethearts.. before the hero could his education( he was away).. the situation at the girls family changes and under duress she marries someone else.. And eventually he does to..

So in this situation, she is living in his house as a nanny to take care of his kids. Its diwali and he( his wife infact) gives her gift of clothes... which is also a norm out here.. Well so she dreams what it would be to marry him.. when she chances upon his family picture which brings her back with a bang...