strong winds blows
memories n dreams juxtapose
Why arent you here
I miss you so much dear

As I sat writing you a letter
the pages went helter-skelter
and you appear just out of dreams
Beautiful again, the world seems

Oh what a wonderful surprise
Are you real
My imagination I surmise
my effervesant scream

Not a single word you utter
Encompass me in your embrace
and slowly tilt my face
Me, waiting for a kiss, feelings aflutter

Never knew love can be fatal
Lovers embrace so lethal
sacrificed on atlar of greed
By my lover
A nice surprise indeed!

Lady in Green

Behold all the splendor
A lady wee and tender
Winds wishper in her ears
Flowers dance with her
Grasshoppers play violins
Birds sing songs from within
Sun in the sky forgets to shine
Look at this lady so fine!
Moon reflects her beauty
Stars decorates her hair
Rivers gushes forth
As she laughs in mirth
Behold the lady in green
The queen;Our mother earth

Master of disguise

Mask over a mask, yet another mask
Where in it are you I ask
In corridors of silence
In vales of darkness
Within my heart
Concealment is an art
Your reply, Complete ambivalence

Blinded by your inbuilt rigid walls
My every attempt stalls
To know you better
I end up with a shutter!
Why oh why
why so many insistent lies?
Pretention thousands you devise!

Yes i have many a masquerades
I do not call spade a spade
Webs of words I create
In many ways I evade!
but for worlds I wouldnt trade
This life I self made

Survival is the name of the game
Tell me who is to blame?
Its nature that taught me to hide
And the world to be jekyll and hyde!
And now that I am worldly wise
I get a sobriquet of master of disguise ?!!!


Smoldering fire,
simmering desire
Hidden embers
glinting like saphire

Your eyes, an eloquent symphony
Desire and love
Dancing in harmony
Seeking and carassing

Candle lit dinner
Tremulous shimmer
Innocuous innane chatter
Unrestrained laughter

Bubbling emotions
Drowned in wine
Lips to lips
Your hands in mine

Slowly we come closer
Exploring each other
A little more further
I can feel you shudder

Clothes shed unbeknownst
Passions reign,
Reasons cease,
Entwined and lost

Mingling sighs,
jostling thighs
Soaring high
Rising in cresendo

Ripples of pleasure
Ripples of emotions
Ripples in ocean of love

The woman in me

The woman in me

Needs to look
beyond horizons.
Wants to fly
In the golden sky

The woman in me..

Needs to dream
In colors of a rainbow
Beauty aglow
Wants to reach

The woman in me

Dances in rain
With kids on the lane
Sings with the birds
Songs absurd

The woman in me

Waiting to utter
Feelings aflutter
Slowly unfolding
secrets multifold

The woman in me


As I sit behind the gilded bar,
I dream,
About lands so far
Where butterflies dance in glee
And the air you breathe is free.

I notice that the lid is open,
Stealthily I try to break free
Alas, its just a ruse
Tied to my leg, was a noose.

Accompanied by your roaring laughter,
my frenzied dreams did shatter
For you it was just fun
Playing god.. you were my son....

Fettered, with a piece of thread,
Enslaved future, You, I dread.
soon after you lost interest
in me; left in the box
Chained by you
Choked, chained in death..

I walk alone

On the darkest of darkest night
Scared moon refuses to shine
Every animal every bird bide their time
Waiting.. waiting for light

And I walk alone...

On the treacherous bends
Amidst the crowd, Beneath the shroud
Places where angels or demons
tremble to descend,
Till the world's end

I search for you...

Are you as frantic as me or as alone?
Cold, cold i am ; cold as stone
Wandering through timelessness
Seeking you
Can you hear my clarion call?
My wounded heart's squall !

I beseech you...

On this lonely wintery nox
Lost in inviting nebulous fog
Howling in pain
Going insane..
My red glittering eyes delirious
Crazed and enraged..

I walk alone...


Oh ebullient nebulous you
why do you haunt
me, on the empty corners
the untread unwanted
roads that i walk on

Ever clingling
ever lingering

lengthening with time
when memories visit
On desolate cold nights
Where no one is in sight
you provide
Cold comfort

With you around
I am never alone

You my shadow
my clone
my keeper of secrets
you choke me
Alas, nothing can be done
Till death we are bound!

Candle in the wind

Lost and forlorn
Encompassed in darkness
A lonely soul
trying to stay afloat
against the gales of time
survival so vital
destined to glow
While the vile wind blows
am a candle
Harbinger of hope
dispelling gloom
while dreamflowers bloom
Vigilant till the first ray of sun
Spent, my work is done.

A candle in the wind...

P.S; Not really satisfied by this.....

Graceful, beautiful,
Cold within , yet very hot
in a perpetual cycle caught
Not once help sought
Very delicate yet so strong
hanging there since long
flickering yet burning
Giving light
smothered by troubles, copes
Clinging to the last hope
surviving the lifestorm
a candle by the window
Despite the wind, brightly aglow


Self indulgent lies
words that defies
Ineffective Isolated
I plead clemency
A never ending odessy
With many a guise


Thousands of accusations
quadrapuled confusions
Love hate guilt
Into unresloved mess,
Am depressed
Embittered dismal
looking for approval


empty corridors
non existent lore
echoing silence
unrelenting vigilance
suspended in time
no reason no rhyme


P.S : I know this theme is just too traditional.. and yet I find it quaintly romantic...

Attuned to the nightly croon
Witnessed by the luminous moon
Feelings beserk , thoughts unsaid
Trustingly with you I tread
Amidst nudges and knowing glances
Accompanied by frenzied dances
Bedecked with jewels, clothes so fine
Shyness, Heady like a wine
Forgotten past beholden future
My beauty my charm.. my coaxing allure
For you,
On the virgin bed
With bowed head
In all my splendor
In your arms, I surrender


PS: I am not ashamed of the fact that this poem is completely influenced by the eagles song " Desperaado" [:D]

Oh Desperado
How long will you run
From reality for fun?
Quit.. Quit this bravado

Oh desperado
Back there you have left
A wee girl so bereft.
How can you be incommunicando?

Its time to face.
Life is not race
Think of that lace
Go back .. go back to that place.

Fighting demons
Of your past.
Do not lose...
Love that will last
Forget.. forget the el durado
Oh desperado...

Quit quit this bravado..
Forget the el durado!!

Weathered charm....

Countless rivulets
of kindness
A jewel that tinkles

A heart of gold.
A smile that holds
many stories untold.

With a child in her arm
bosom.. moist and warm
Ah a weathered charm

Insanely love

"Dont come near me
Can't u see?
you will burn
Shun me shun!"

Flame said.

" embrace me hon
Feel the need
Gimme the fatal kiss..
Feel the bliss"

Said the moth.

"Insanely love you've got
i cant do it i love u a lot
How can i think of the effect
When nothing of you will be left"

Flame wailed.

"Nah dear dont b sad
There r many more "moths" to be had
I wont disappear but in you
This is my love.. this is my due"

Moth persisted.

"If that is your wish, come on be with me
Let my fate
Be to wait.. to b lonely
You will get your glory..
coz you see
With you.. in love I happen to be.."

Flame said with arms wide open.

Insanely love..
Or limitless love.
I do not know
All I see is a writing moth
In arms of flame caught.


golden hue, birds few
Passion replete
Deep blush, Feelings rush
In the afterglow
Languid and mellow

Broken dreams

Innocent wee little gal
Playing with her pal
With bucket and scoop
And shoulders adroop

Oblivious to sun
Having lotsa fun
Complete with the tassle
Voila.. a sand castle

Soon the tide rises
We have no surprises
Poof goes the sand
Labor of little hands

Broken hearts,
broken dreams
Whom to blame
whose is this scheme?

I wanna break free

anguished expressions
shattered illusions

I wanna break free

Broken dreams
moody extremes

I wanna break free

tormented feelings
regimented thoughts

I wanna break free

soffocated fettered
words unuttered

I wanna break free

unfinshed unresolved
supressed before evolved

I wanna break free

uninhibited unshackled
Everyone I would rackle
Each danger I would tackle

I will break free

Echoes of silence

A silent scream
A bad dream..

Wake me up
Some one dare
Spare me.. spare!

Everytime i remember
that touch that smell
The day i experienced hell

my cross to bear
All my life
My death knell

My tortured sigh
someone hear in silence
my helplessness

As i laid that night
Silence echoes my fight
my plight!

Silence echoes
Scot free, he walks away
echoes till this day

Silence echoes
My lost innocence
At nights in dreams ..

Night, witness to my pain
Driving me insane
within my heart...

Silence echoes,
My silent scream
my broken dreams..

Silence echoes....

More than words.....

The way you touch

Tells me so much

much more than

Your words even

I know you are shy

I know you try

I know I see

But you dont need to honey

Read my eyes

Hear my breath

We dont need words

We love each other till death

everytime we hold hands

Every time we stand

Togather against the world

Words we can't afford

For feelings that means

More than words

How can we containthis feeling

which no one can attain

Do not try dear do not say

Let you heart do the work today

More than words

more than life

more than dreams

more than death even

Our feelings dear,

Our love is all i believe in

You , is all i believe in

More than words

More than words.............

All the way!

Walk on honey

Take that one step more

Do not quit now

Move for the one you adore

I wait

Since eternity

For you

Oh mon diu!

Do not be scared

Do not walk away

For your love.. you dream

Walk all the way

Over come

all the dangers

Stretch yourself to zenith

Walk wid strangers

Come to me honey

To the lands so sunny

I am waiting

Come all the way

Come and take me

In your arms

all my charms

Are for you.. come n see

Come my love

My darling

Be daring!

Come all the way!

All the way..

Come come and say

I love you

But first come..

before i die

Come all the way

Summer winds

Unbridled frolicking
Pospscicle streaking
faces happy
In that summer :-)

Me toddling behind
where ever you went
immersed and entwined
togather.. where the river bent

That summer and many other like it
hiding in the loft.. playing hide n seek
I remember
The scent of you
in that smokey magical afternoon
As the wind passed by

Summer winds
witness to the lost innocence
Times when we were friends
summer winds
caressing me
Brings back heady romance.
Brings back ..


There it comes with its might
On this lonely misty night
Happy in its own sojorn
Not caring for the forlorn

Slowly rising in crescendo
Down it comes crashing
Leaving behind
Passion.. feelings unbridled

Waves, of days bygone
While my heart yearns...
For respite,yet another rises
prisoner heart, Of its own device.
Damn you! begone!


Empty thoughts twirls
Chilled to bone
Not alone
And yet derelict
As life flowers opens
its whorls..

Stormy weather!

trees swaying
dancing in fury
Hand of god visible truly..
swishing wind scaring.. all who have sinned
The church bells go crazy
The vision goes hazy
With our eyes skinned
We look at thee
Oh lord in your glory
Forgive our follies
The birds in tandem
Raise their voices.
Accompaniment to the storm
Various noises
The wind changes direction
calm... time for regeneration
The rains stop
Silence pin drop
Then the clamor rise again
The fear was all in vain
As the new shoot rises..
The world rejoices...

New beginnings....

Life as it is
Festered wid dis-ease
Struggling to be
Someone i was not

Tossing and turning
crazy dreams... escaping
Ambitions burning
from within.. I got caught

Then i saw an angelic bug
Opening the cacoon with a shrug
No longer fettered
free and finally happy

This is what urged me to change
take control and arrange
To break free
To be a new me

So cheers to new beginnings
And many winnings
Come whatever may..
Cheers to living