Liquid skies capricious - titillatingly crimson

Blushing clouds enthralled- at the horizon

When a poem was not written...........

A couple nudged closer somewhere

Enkindled passion rage without any care

Two silhouettes entwined- smitten

Lost in memories unbeknownst

Tethered at the edge , tears glistened

The poem remained unwritten

P.S: This type of poetry is called nove otto.. came across it at Poefusion . Such poems are of 9 lines with the rhyme scheme as aacbbcddc with each line of 8 syllables :)

I believe now...


of immense faith
Performing miracles
Ignited the first flames of piety
In me

Prompted at : 3WW , Sunday Scribblings and Totally Optional Prompts

I know I have been away from this blog for a long time now and I havent written anything for the prompts too.. This is my way of trying to fit more than one prompts together.. the 3 worded prompts for 3WW are in bold and italics and this is my attempt of Cinquain .. You can read my earlier attempt here

Vanilla Sky

In my own vanilla sky,
I search
Few shades of you

Between the lines,
A hidden meaning

I try to decipher
In this convoluted poem

Jealous green
mingle with neglected dreams
In the nebulous clouds

I hesitate
Through the star studded night
To find you

Prompted at : ABC Wednesday and 3WW

Yet again!

A shiver went down my spine,

Cold it was, as stone

and yet,

It raged,
like a fire

fiery and insistent

I knew instantly,
Fate has played a game,
yet again,
I knew,

Things will never be same..

And then,
Illusions were re-made,
Yet again!

Prompted at : Sunday Scribblings

ABC Wednesday.. U for umberella

Ah pretty floral thing!
Dancing merrily in the rain
Jerking the droplets,
With healthy disdain,

Oh the queen of monsoon,
prancing in delight,
Save me from the water
And excess light

Ah too simple na.. very impromptu :)

Prompted at : ABC Wednesday

Untitled - For 3WW

Vague accusations,
sprung through your eyes,
Glistening in the sun
Shattered illusions
tethered at the edge
Enemy or a friend?
hard to define

Prompted at : 3 Words Wednesday

P.S: The prompted words are in bold :)

As the flesh plumed

As the flesh plumed,
A pinkish tender,
The day blushed
Into crimson red
The eyes looked yonder

Lost in the resonant silence,
Ears didn't heed,
As hungry voices echoed
Like those forgotten church bells
Wind blew deep in the night

Silence stretched taut,
Words waiting to come out,

Discarded, like those pages,

Lying in the attic
Lips were sealed tight

Darkened days waited,

In corridors of time,

Where history reckons

Waited all this while....
Awaits till,

The elusive humanity dawns

T for Tomorrow for abc wednesday....

I shall let the windows open,
And the breeze,would sweep away
These cobwebs from the past
But just not yet..

I shall wear the over-bright smile,
And cast away these tears,
Fill them with hope
But just not yet....

I shall face the sun,
Without any complaints,
These shadows wouldn't last
But just not yet...

Dreams with be forged again,
With polychromatic hues,
blues forgotten
But just not yet...

Will come soon enough,
And this night of despair,
will be lost into oblivion
But just not yet...

Prompted at : ABC Wednesday