A perfect Circle

A speck of sand, waits,
centuries together, patiently transforms,
An Immovable block!

When hourglass tilts,
Nature ravages, the rock wilts

Countless specks formed

A perfect circle indeed!


Lurking shadows, shifting light
What is it that you try to hide?
Layer upon layer, pretenses plied

Reasons decried, living in blight
Won't you ever put up a fight?

Oh promise of future,the dream of morrow
Arise from this fugue and dispel forever,
This night of sorrow

Let this depraved world, revel in your might!
Soar high in the sky, like the wind and the kite

Behold! The dawn is yours !


Oh perpetual wheels of time
What was their crime?
Innocence pure,
An easy target?
Ah the lucre's lure..
Would they ever regret ?
These vile footprints that they left
On people's hearts, stumbling and bereft

P.S: Not sure of the title

A flower withered somewhere

A flower withered somewhere,
While the night,
Without any care...

Flames shoot up,
Reached for the ebon skies.
The passers-by

Crimson earth reflected,
In the night sky
tears of blood scorched
Honest eyes.

Questions long forgotten
Raised their ugly heads
Wheels of time paused
A dreadful faux pas

Indeed, humanity died
Many a death that night
While few raged,
A defenseless fight
Against life....

A flower withered somewhere,
Marked the history books
In colors of shame and pain
Innocence lost,
On the altar of greed

While we remained,
witness mute
To this carnage

Flames burnt that night
Brightly orange
Or was it our sensibility?
vagrant and deranged...

Bomb blast

Beautiful day, made of clay
Clouds, laden, and gray,
Thunders roared,
Birds, lively and gay,
High with the wind, soared

I didn't notice it....

I had a mission to do.
One of the chosen few
Passion reigned
Reasons refrained
To butt in.

I had made my choice

It is not what we meant to be
It is just what we do
Not for any personal gain
It is a necessary bane

We believe in our cause.

Was that not the only clause
That your mind gives?
What is it that makes you right?
The bloodshed, the pain, the fight?

It is your belief alone.

I believed in this rhetoric
holding on to the dream,
Rise that would be meteoric
Tantalizing, to extreme

I was the sacrifice

The hero who will be lauded
for years to come,
What was it that clouded?
my senses! Was I always so dumb?

I was a bomber

The harbinger of death
You thought it was a threat?
Like million leaves, they flew
Like stars they stud the afternoon sky
And like rain returned to earth.

A crimson canvas I painted,
With colors of steel,
Moans and groans detailed it
Countless arms in the garbage pit;
littered , shivered and then rot.

I never ever looked back

That innocent laughter,
Innocuous chatter
Lost forever,
in the streams of a red river

Broken arms that peeped through
Empty structures,
And dreams, fractured, beyond recognition
Lurked in,
Empty eyes

A baby doll quivered,
Dangled at the edge,
fell like in movies ,
In a slow motion
The only remains, of mindless love
Scarred , disfigured.

Pain, i never thought could choke your breath.
I welcomed it always, but just not yet,
Not of this kind.
What words do I find,
What do I say ?
How do I face that expectant eyes?
The ever trusting eyes that awaits,
the echoes of my footstep?
And the tinkle of the anklet.

As tears burned my cheeks
And heaven joined with me
My only child dear,

burnt with me....

It happened on a rainy day,
The flame in my heart consumed me
And yet it doomed

My baby girl..


Corridors of nothingness
An obdurate thought

Like a volcano
From the very core
Rises lustily,
An irate rebellion

Interminable footprints of time
Witness mute
Marks the passage of regime

Reigns supreme

Unseen Dreams

A " he" and "me"
Traverse through the impossible
When we reach
realms of possibility

Illusion dissolves

What remains,




And some unseen dreams

It had to rain today...

The thunder didn't listen
Nor did the silvery light
The trees danced in glee
Why didn't they see?

Cuckoo didn't sing today...

The tears in my eyes smiled
Somehow they, had me beguiled
What do you know they said
So did the wind that flayed

specks of mud swept away...

Even the overcast sky knew
This was long overdue..
The pain, the blues
Were waiting too..

It just had to rain today....

Cuckoo didn't sing today...

Cuckoo sung yesterday

A beautiful little song

The clouds remained
White they were
Like cotton balls
Eager earth still dry

I waited
For the showers
I knew it will come
If i wished it hard enough

It can't stay away
How can it?
Didn't the cuckoo promise
Didn't it say ?

Cuckoo sung yesterday....

alas, it didn't rain
All my efforts were in vain
How much is enough anyways?
I tell my tears,
As I hold them at bay

Cuckoo didn't sing
Why then they, to my lids cling?

You are not gonna come too
I wish I had a clue

why Cuckoo didn't sing today
why did it rain?

Really insane!
Must be the sheering pain....

Cuckoo didn't sing today

Down by the river bend....

Amazing azure sky,
delightful glistening earth,
sitting by the river
dreams are slowly given birth

Stolen colors,
from the rainbow
or is it?
from the flowers
delightfully aglow?

butterflies of thoughts
run riot,
In the garden of dream castle
to the tune of the stream
flowing in mirth

Where illusion with reality meet
And the birds chirp in glee
Rakish wind , the humming bee
dances, the flowers sweet

Every time I visit,
a beautiful little dream greets
Many a happy moments I spend
down by the river bend

A drop

A drop
Clung to the leaf
at the edge,
Like the maiden
in the ball
with breath bated
So did I

That stretched till eternity,

By the wind's temerity

The drop
In the vastness of the pond

In memory remains

The bond
Of the drop and the leaf

So deep

In me

Never again...

No I won't say a word
they die on my lips
never again
shattered trust,
teary eyes
my heart just bursts

No, never again
I wont give you pain
Seems like everything
Is just in vain
despair courses through my vein
May be am just insane!

Where did I go wrong?
how come I never do things right?
no longer.. I wanna be strong..
no longer!
why do we always fight?
I hold my thoughts tight
coiled inside
I will try
to not even cry!

never again

A drop died today.....

A drop died today..
Refused to break the link,
eyelids, didnt blink

A drop died today...
While a storm brewed within
I hold it at bay

My cheeks are dry
Like some arid sand
While the sky
Floods the land

wept for me
What can I say?
A drop died today....