Looking through the inner me,
A distorted vision I find
Memories golden, rose tinted sea
colors of various intensity,
Images flit through my fickle mind.

With words, pauses and random rhymes;
I paint them in various hues,
Wayward thoughts, rants and dreams.
A poetess? A writer? Confusion reigns!
Everyday I am born anew :-)

P.S: I had this in my profile for long.. as "about me" on this blogger.. just updated it into a verse :)

Heart song

My life


A prelude

His beguiling smile,
her glance, stolen, cast down eyes;
Euphoric prelude!

A cup of coffee......

Percolating dreams,
Wafting thoughts,
fragrant memories,

Dancing lights,
Smokey orange
Curdled emotions,
Seeking respite

A sip, a grip
A tight hug
Ah what a trip!

A friend,

An evening,


A cup of coffee!

P.S: I want to dedicate this to Anoop for some amazing conversations and a cup of coffee * read iced tea* :P :P :P

Prompted@ Sunday scribblings


Corroded corridors,
Momentous memories

A kiss, a hug
Happiness galore
That little tug,
in the lover's heart

Lifeless pillars
Colossal carnage

A river of blood,
The tears flood
And hearts dread
As people fled

A day of terror
As hell broke over
Marked us forever

The towers crumbled
And the doyens, humbled
Raised hands in a prayer
The world stay mute

Mausoleum of living dead

Desecrated Ideals,
Floundering honor
Crumbling milestones

Down the path of life
Forever in strife
Each step,
this heart bled

Stumbling and fumbling
Confusion reigns high
numb to the very core

No one to trust,
As dreams turn to dust
Each step,
Taken in dread

Sunken eyes,
Drunken stupor
haunting smile

Long forgotten,
alive, yet internally rotten
Welcome to the damned,
This mausoleum of living dead

Somehow I seem to have lost the touch.. though I have written this.. I don't like it :( bah! May be I should not write for sometime..Frankly I chose the title then tried to write...

What I wanted to express was the listlessness that sometimes haunts us... its like u r living and yet u r dead... but ofcourse i failed to express and it became a saga of someone who has lost hope erm :(((

150th Post yay!!

Lets Celebrate yay!! 150 posts!! My first post thats not about poetry!!

Revelry! Devilry!

Ah I have been awarded too oh yeah! The friend's forever award by Vinay :-)

And here are the rules for the Blogging Friends Forever Award:
1. The winner may put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you received the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Ah and the  award is..... * nice music in the background*

The Blogger's Friends Forever Award


And now I nominate...............

Anoop Kumar is his name,
"xh" is his fame  *winks*
A biker to the core
And many other talents, hidden in the core 

Cooking and looking ?
Wining and dining
workoholic to the core
Romantic too.. can anyone ask for more? 

Finally gotchya buddy :P :P 

Neeraja Nagarajan,
Decided to have some fun,
She walked on the road
And promptly fell for a toad  * yay!! I got it funny*

A poetess par excellence,
A reveting story teller
Does look like a pillar,
A gigantic semblance 

I would have nominated Vinay but he already got this award.. thank you dear btw :D :D

Nancy Alexander,
Decided one day to wander
they searched for her high and low
Found her with goose and gander  * erm just a comical twist hope you dont mind*

Stories you tell sweet and tender
Sometimes of kids, sometimes of blender * poetic liberty:P *
And attempted seriousness
that leaves us with boistrous mess :D D:

Navin Dutta,
Lives on sutta
Writes poetries of deep thoughts
Sometimess, i wonder, if he really smoked pot  ** hey dear just a joke.. i dont know if u smoke at all :D :D**

Vishal Shakher
Longing for a pair,
Of clean socks
Decides finally, to pick some locks  *:P*

I wish sometimes you actually find time to read what I write about you bah!

Writer of irregular rhyme
You like to have your drink with a tinge of lime
If you dont find time
you might have to hide behind the thyme *whatever that means :P :P*

Okie people ensoi with me yay!! yippie yay!!

Whiter shade of pale

I think I have modified the meaning of the phrase totally.. but what the heck.. am not grammatically wrong :D :D

I searched deep within
A whiter shade of pale
A husk of nothingness
In the arms of sweeping gale

Futile it seemed,
but how can one stop ?
With every passing wave
A world unfurls, agape

A crystal maze it is,
Twisted to its core
But there is logic in randomness
if you look onto your dreams

Different shades of colors
Wrapped in two-pore
An eyes that never blinks
And a heart that never sinks

They walk together forever
An inseperable pair as one can see
For when despair knocks your door
How far can hope be?

For even in the darkest night,
Hides, a whiter shade of pale
And when the storms pass by,
And darkness rescinds,
It lives to tell the tale 


P.S: This seems like a bunch of verses put together.. i dunno wht i am expressing.. I am not sure too.. just like modern art may be bah! I call it confusion :D :D

Shifting shadows,
Twirling tight
Like some thoughts coiled inside

A thousand death,
Every moment I die
like a crawling reptile- A parasite

No escape, no respite
I die as i live and live as i die
Incomprehensible plight

Am I right?
Is this wrong ?
Just the same it is- Black or white..

There are no colors,
No words.. just meaningless scribbles
Like the bread that mouse nibbles

Empty.. days and night
Empty.. my words
Empty.. my mind

What exactly do I search ?
What exactly do I mean
What exactly?

Swirling smoke
Nerve wracking numbness
Awaits, I no longer want to hide

I no longer want to fight