I never noticed

For long you stayed there,
Right in the corner.
I had been amiss,
I never noticed.

You held my burden,
And at times carried me
I never noticed

Through winters and rain,
Through happy times ,and pain.
You were, by my side
I never noticed.

And now you are no longer able,
To be right there,
To carry my burden,
With broken legs, oh table!
I certainly notice that!

Prompted at : Inspire me thursday

Dancing in glee

Brown girl,
Dances in glee
Dances all night.. all day
Dances by the bay..
Brown girl dances in glee

Wouldn't you stop,
For a while and just see ?
Shes been wanting,
For someone to just be
Brown girl, dancing in glee

Nay do not look at her torn shoes,
Nor at the worn out laces
Oh random faces,
look at her over bright smiles
Do not, look into her eyes
Lest, you see a tear
The oft hidden,
gut wrenching fear
Ah do not stop and leer
She is not a beauty
Do not look at the holes
In her skirt,
Do notice how it unfurls,
Like an umbrella that she never had

Sir? Will you stop ?
Madam please,
Won't you ease?
Linger awhile
Look at her jive
All the doors are closed shut
She has no money but..
She will dance all night
Will you open the window?
And show her some light ?
Will you spare? A penny two dimes?
I am sure you wont miss it
Cant you do your bit ?
The rain doesn't seem to wait
For her lively gait
Do open your window

Can you feel the wind blow?
feel the tingle down your spine
Do open your window and see
See her legs intertwine
This girl dancing in glee....

Note: This poem is loosely based on the prompt at : POEFUSION . Mostly, it seems inspired from "Another Day in Paradise" A lovely song I am sure most of you have heard it!


Blues beckon me yet again,

Marking me in many shades

Then why does it seem so gray ?

Colors that were so vividly alive

Smile.. A haiku

A blushing smile touched

the crimson lips- it quivered

Ah such tenderness!

prompted at : Three word wednesday!

The prompted words are in bold :)

A blinking dot,
through the white nothingness

A nudge here,
A drop there
A life breathes

Ode To Boredom

Ahem feel free to be bored .. This poem is meant to bore you.. Its written by me and manish on the GTalk ... Feel free to skip this one.. for it was born out of boredom

Oh boredom, my faithful lover
You never leave me alone
I wish you were a mobile phone,
And I kept you in silent mode

but then u come back to me vibrating and calling
And I return to mindless brawling
I wish I could leave you in oblivion,
Where nothingness reigns..
Darn you dethroned the king,
and left him with a sling

Now you enslave me,
won't let me discover distant lands
u want to be with me always,
u never understand

With you now my every moment spent,
seems like an uneventful event
Lifeless life and strifeless strife!
I can kill you with a knife

oh boredom I always curse you
May you never get your due
For every piece of art is born out of boredom..
And yet you never get the status of martyrdom

but i know it's you and only you
that would be with me till my death
and I'll leave the life behind
but will take you with me to eternity

So I embrace you finally..
with all my heart..
save me from pointless hurts and distasteful words!

One again.. this was meant to bore :)


A mime,
Where audience dance,
To puppeteers tune.

While the puppeteer remains,
Forever performing,
For the actors.

I wonder oft,
Who exactly is performing
And who is the audience ?

Long before I could even realize,
I was cast ,
In myriad roles

I am now one with them.
I am now,
A living dead,
A Nobody.

Prompted at :

One Single Impression

Hidden ember

From the ashes of time,

Glints in amber,

Some intangible ties,
While the wind blows,
hold close.

To embrace the disenchanted sky
in honeyed glow

Hidden ember,
Through the never-ending night

If only!

If wishes were horses,
How magnificent they would be,
Unbroken in spirit,
Gliding through unbridled
Running wild with the wind
Deep into the night,
Whiter than the moon
Riding under the starlight
If only!

If dreams could fly,

Every time we sleep,

One would never want to wake up

And face the early morn

Trying to catch the shooting stars

Dancing with the starlight
While we rest, under cover

Warm besides the blazing fire

If only!

Night - A haiku

Curdled clouds ensconce,
Blushing moon in ebon veil;
Night- Passion's prelude!


A tune twirls, (3)
Deep within, lie ensconced;(6)
Few words traipse through the shadowed corners(9)
Awaiting your sweet symphony, awaiting you!(12)
Like the antiquated piano(9)
Songs that danced on my lips(6)

Prompted at : Poefusion

Note: This is a triquain of the barest form. With the syllable structure as 3-6-9-12-9-6-3. It makes one set. We can have more than one stanza and extend it from that.