Pain is addictive

"Pain me more".
Abrasive skin cried out
Inked in black and blue,
Nearly lost
In soporific daze and  yet,
Sadistic pleasures eludes me

As the flails whipped the
Decadent, deplorable skin
Devilishly distorted in love
Incited by an uncontrollably illicit
Carnal desire,

Tamed by my master
I,imbruted by his touch;
Violently attain
Exilir of life!

Prompted at : Acrostic only 

P.S: I hope no one is offended by this poem. When I saw the prompt as pain is addictive.. this was the first thought that jumped into my mind. pleasure through pain.. and I had to try and write about it. 


Erudite Echoes Faintly 
Fugacious farces sagaciously; 
Sanity sails through
Tactile tablature 

Rabid ramnifications  galvanize
Ghostly Galanty macabre
Malaise mullishly haunts,
Halcyon hours .

Prompted at : Inspire me thursday!

P.S: Trying something new here.. Mostly this might not make much sense. but there is an underlying meaning.. Can you guess ?

Misty Dawn

Like yesterday's memories, you linger;
Gently encompass me in your arms.
Misty dawn, you comfort my ravaged heart!

Prpmpted at : Picture Poetry & Prose

A road - triolet

A road without an end
Beckons me to an exciting adventure
It starts down that bend
A road without an end.
With no business to attend
Indeed is a profitable venture
A road without an end
Beckons me to an exciting adventure

P.S: This is called a triolet with rhyme scheme ABaAabAB. Its a silly rhyme i know! I just wanted to give it a try !


Never did I think, a day would come when,
Olive greens would turn a pale shade of brown.
Stories hidden in the folded wrinkles would
Turn into faded memories, blanked out at edges.
And it would require closet cleaning to be reminded of
Great times spent laughing together! 
Invigorated poses held rigid,
And with a flash,  captured  in a photograph.

Written for : Acrostic only


Layers of reactive reactions, Rumble through the jumbled consciousness
Anarchy prevails, Confusion reigns!
Ernest efforts fail to jostle required responses
Confusion reigns while anarchy prevails.
Rumble through the jumbled consiousness and layers of reactive reactions.

Written for : 3WW and Naisaiku week VI


Traversed through the nights

To find days that were lost
And yet to be found is a mistake!


Cohorting with the undefinable confusion
Outfoxed by the the obvious
Ubiquitous me
Rapine through the inimical ideas.
Auguries of innocence
Grapple with fear... 
Elusive courage emerge from esoteric thoughts!

Prompted at : Acrostic only


You start at the very top!
Ah more the torture...

Deliciously so

Dithered a bit ...waiting
then slithered down the curve gently

I, quivered

Knowingly you slacken your pace
prolonging it

savoring it.....

tracing all my curves
with such a gentle touch
Leaving a sensation behind,


Me, arched in pleasure
And you, in response
trickled languorously

into the welcoming arms of the bath carpet

Coffee stain

A circle half formed,

liquid bronze,
glittering in orange light
In time turns into a faded brown
Like a jaded memory,
The scent of our last coffee lingers


Like the dust that rises up the sky,
And the whirlwind that traverse through the land,
In circles, you rise.
In circles you settle down.
Oh thoughts, 
Why this vacillation ?
Reach out to the wide blue expanse,
yes! It is there for you to amble,
And yet, like the bamboo  shoots,
Tarry a bit, 
till you flower effusively,
Thoughts, germinate awhile!
Let me ponder...

Prompted at : OSI and Inspire me Thursday


Confound me with words that are
Obvious and yet peppered with
Nuances that make me
Vacillate between
Enraged esoteric questions and
Rapturous overtures!

Satiate my soul
Accelerate my heart beats
Titillate my mind
In the space of a moment, you
Obfuscate me, delight me, irritate me with
Nubilous confabulation

Prompted at : Acrostic only


To avenge life, I died a thousand times
Sanguine lies trembled, As genuine facts emblazoned the sky
I, Rambled about in oblivion
Genuine smile trembled, As sanguine lies blazed high
To avenge death, I lived a thousand lives.

Prompted at NAISAIKU III WEEK and 3WW