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Closet cleaning

Few old letters, re- read
Few snaps re - looked
Memories renewed
Some tears shed.

Those pebbles of various colors,
collected from the 
Golden sandy shores
Shaken, toyed with

A leaf with few words inscribed
"forget me not"
Ah a bundle of ribbon caught

A string with pasted hearts
Each holds a word
Ah each holds my world!

Every little detail revised and set aside
I realized
I have nothing to clean!


Shall I call you the moon my dear?
But the moon has spots and it comes in the night
You are the flower of the day, dancing in the light!

Shall I call you the sun then ?
But the sun in the noon , scorches too much.
And you have such an soothing touch!

Let me call you the brightest flower
Nay, the softest shower!
But the flower withers and the rain dithers!
Can't call you that !

Shall I then use the choicest words to coin you a name
Munchkin, pumpkin, truffle, ruffles..
Ah so many to claim!
And yet none fit the bill

So here I am , searching for one still!

Written for : ReadWritePoem


I search,
for the elusive
the uncompromising and
all encompassing truth in dead

Charmed - Cinquain

Flying high
Looking below
A fluid panorama
Awaits my fearful heart and I gaze;

Written for : ReadWritePoem

An old man by the roadside

By the roadside,
Where the hawker sells his wares
And the lazy roam without any care.
Especially on the dusty afternoons
Where the wild flowers bloom
With hasty abandon
Under the harsh sun,
Sits an old man, who abides,
For his son to come.
He would tell his story,
If you just listen.
With tears that glisten,
He would tell you of past glory
Would you listen ?

Prompted at : OSI


Around midnight yesterday,
I strained my ears to hear,
Those mystic faded tunes
That you used to whisper once
In my ears.

Around midnight yesterday....
Sleep sneaked in slowly
And my weary eyes drooped
As your words reverberated
Like a lullaby

Prompted at : OSI 

I am...

I am the river that flows through your veins,
I am the air you breathe that keeps you alive.
I am the sun that shines in the sky,
I am the moon that shies behind the cloud
I am the tree, I am the shroud,
I run deep, I run shallow,
I am the food that you swallow!
I am the beginning, I am the end
I am the calm , I am the storm
I am the surge and it's swell
I am the planets and the stars as well.
I am pleasure, I am pain
I destroy, I mend,
I collect, I drain
I persevere, I dread
I am the color red.
I am the flood.
I am the blood.
I am just that. I am.
I exist.

Written for : ReadWritePoem


For all the days to come
Remember this!
If ever it happens that you
Encounter that you are all alone and
Need someone, for any damn thing
Don't hesistate to holler
So that I can come 
Help you through the toughest phase
Incase, that is not possible I shall
Pray for your well being. 

Prompted at : Acrostic only 


You look upto me with innocent eyes,
And I engulf you in a tight hug
Until I see the spoilt rug!
Just then you know to swiftly run
Ah you know! Its no time for fun!

And yet when I don't see you for long
A thud in my heart simply cries out!
Filled with fear and many a doubt
Oh my baby my darling sweety!
Where are you? Won't you come along?

And on the cue you appear from nowhere
As if you were waiting for my voice
Calling for you with loving care
Contrite you look, wagging your tail
And I can't stay angry, my resolves simply fail :-)

A sijo

Like the paint, peeling off the unopened, long forgotten door
Strained, my nerve endings are aquiver and my fragile heart quite sore,
Waiting for the one who dwelled there for long and doesn't want to any more!

Written for ReadWritePoem

The problem with waking up...

Every night you visit me,
Beneath the moonlit sky
Under the canopy of stars
We watch the world gently pass by

In the forest of my dreams,
We dance with the leaves
To the rhythm of the dancing stream
With my hand on your sleeve

We swim in the valley of happiness
Drenched in contentment- feeling blessed!
In the garden of wishes
We exchange few kisses

Reveling in your proximity
I grow into an unmatched beauty
Your eyes caressing me with such avidity
And your touch turning  me into a restless sea

And then to wake up to dismal reality
Of dealing with your frigid formality
And knowing for sure that it is true
Of my feelings you have no clue!

I met three tears yesterday

I met three tears today,
To hold them at bay
I struggled so much;
Yet they sneaked through anyway

   Trickled down 
       her cheek  so pale
In the welcoming folds 
Of my careworn saree

The next 
    found its way 
         To her quivering lip
A dew,
On a tender flower-tip,
I gently kissed it away

And the third, 
    didn't dare leave 
       The  safety of her doe-eyed lids

Like a diamond in the light.
I clutched her to me really tight!

Ah I met three tears today
A rain, a dew and a diamond
They did what words couldn't do.
Bound us in an unwavering bond....

Written for ReadWritePoem

Together yet apart

Opposite attract they said..
And so it seemed,
On that very first day!

Us. Attracted. Opposite.
Like chalk and cheese;
Fire and ice.

Alas!  they forgot to quote,
Chalk and cheese cannot be eaten together
And when fire meets ice
What remains is,
An inexplicable, mind numbing void.

And a web of lies
As shaky and as convoluted as our ties.

Wasn't it better that we never met ?
Like the two (river)banks,
That flowed together yet stayed apart

Prompted at : Poefusion

Memorable moments

A box full of joys
A sprinkle of tears
Mixed with love
Peppered with mischief
Sweetened with friendship
Then served in small portions.

Submitted at : Poetry stretch

Guilty Conscience - The big boss :P :P

I am the keyhole.
Discern your innermost secrets
Peek through your defences.
Delve into the unexplored recesses

I am the walls that run through your house
Hear every word spoken
Observe your every move
Nothing escapes me.
I spy.

I am your shadow,
Creep through the things
Fly without the wings
Like the nebulous mist
I sneak.

I am your conscience!
Lurk below your carpets
hide behind the drapes
Buried in the closet,
I prick.

Muse- thy have many forms.

A  poet's pen, a painter's brush, 
A deepened blush, An heady rush!
Muse- thy have many forms
An heady rush, a deepend blush
A  poet's pen, a painter's brush!

Written for NAISAIKU Week VII


A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.
Glittering through  life,
Me, no one can ignore.
When I talk, when I smile
Many a heart beat stop awhile.
A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.

Solitaire. Solitary. Alone.
When required, 
I can rip  apart your bones.
Hard as nails. Cold as stone.
A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.

Ornamental at his arms,
Dancing at a snap of his fingers
I seduce with  many charms.
Behind me envy lingers,
A collector's item I am.
A solitaire diamond thats what I am.

Prompted at TOP and ReadWritePoems

Pain is addictive

"Pain me more".
Abrasive skin cried out
Inked in black and blue,
Nearly lost
In soporific daze and  yet,
Sadistic pleasures eludes me

As the flails whipped the
Decadent, deplorable skin
Devilishly distorted in love
Incited by an uncontrollably illicit
Carnal desire,

Tamed by my master
I,imbruted by his touch;
Violently attain
Exilir of life!

Prompted at : Acrostic only 

P.S: I hope no one is offended by this poem. When I saw the prompt as pain is addictive.. this was the first thought that jumped into my mind. pleasure through pain.. and I had to try and write about it. 


Erudite Echoes Faintly 
Fugacious farces sagaciously; 
Sanity sails through
Tactile tablature 

Rabid ramnifications  galvanize
Ghostly Galanty macabre
Malaise mullishly haunts,
Halcyon hours .

Prompted at : Inspire me thursday!

P.S: Trying something new here.. Mostly this might not make much sense. but there is an underlying meaning.. Can you guess ?

Misty Dawn

Like yesterday's memories, you linger;
Gently encompass me in your arms.
Misty dawn, you comfort my ravaged heart!

Prpmpted at : Picture Poetry & Prose

A road - triolet

A road without an end
Beckons me to an exciting adventure
It starts down that bend
A road without an end.
With no business to attend
Indeed is a profitable venture
A road without an end
Beckons me to an exciting adventure

P.S: This is called a triolet with rhyme scheme ABaAabAB. Its a silly rhyme i know! I just wanted to give it a try !


Never did I think, a day would come when,
Olive greens would turn a pale shade of brown.
Stories hidden in the folded wrinkles would
Turn into faded memories, blanked out at edges.
And it would require closet cleaning to be reminded of
Great times spent laughing together! 
Invigorated poses held rigid,
And with a flash,  captured  in a photograph.

Written for : Acrostic only


Layers of reactive reactions, Rumble through the jumbled consciousness
Anarchy prevails, Confusion reigns!
Ernest efforts fail to jostle required responses
Confusion reigns while anarchy prevails.
Rumble through the jumbled consiousness and layers of reactive reactions.

Written for : 3WW and Naisaiku week VI


Traversed through the nights

To find days that were lost
And yet to be found is a mistake!


Cohorting with the undefinable confusion
Outfoxed by the the obvious
Ubiquitous me
Rapine through the inimical ideas.
Auguries of innocence
Grapple with fear... 
Elusive courage emerge from esoteric thoughts!

Prompted at : Acrostic only


You start at the very top!
Ah more the torture...

Deliciously so

Dithered a bit ...waiting
then slithered down the curve gently

I, quivered

Knowingly you slacken your pace
prolonging it

savoring it.....

tracing all my curves
with such a gentle touch
Leaving a sensation behind,


Me, arched in pleasure
And you, in response
trickled languorously

into the welcoming arms of the bath carpet

Coffee stain

A circle half formed,

liquid bronze,
glittering in orange light
In time turns into a faded brown
Like a jaded memory,
The scent of our last coffee lingers


Like the dust that rises up the sky,
And the whirlwind that traverse through the land,
In circles, you rise.
In circles you settle down.
Oh thoughts, 
Why this vacillation ?
Reach out to the wide blue expanse,
yes! It is there for you to amble,
And yet, like the bamboo  shoots,
Tarry a bit, 
till you flower effusively,
Thoughts, germinate awhile!
Let me ponder...

Prompted at : OSI and Inspire me Thursday


Confound me with words that are
Obvious and yet peppered with
Nuances that make me
Vacillate between
Enraged esoteric questions and
Rapturous overtures!

Satiate my soul
Accelerate my heart beats
Titillate my mind
In the space of a moment, you
Obfuscate me, delight me, irritate me with
Nubilous confabulation

Prompted at : Acrostic only


To avenge life, I died a thousand times
Sanguine lies trembled, As genuine facts emblazoned the sky
I, Rambled about in oblivion
Genuine smile trembled, As sanguine lies blazed high
To avenge death, I lived a thousand lives.

Prompted at NAISAIKU III WEEK and 3WW

Lets get lost together...

To the unknown shores,
Lets walk together,
Down this winding road,
As far as it takes..Lets keep moving..
No, you shall not be alone,
For I shall hold you hands
And sun, the moon and stars,
Shall be with us till the distant lands...

Lets forget all the worries,
And get lost together
With the passing wind
Lets fly in open skies
The birds will dance with us,
So will the autumn leaves.
Like a driftwood lets float
Down the river bend..

Oh to the unknown shores,
Lets sail away to glory
With the naughty gushing  waves,
Oh please lets not behave.
Just this once lets be foolish
And forget our way..
Through these meandering roads
Lets get lost together....

And may be then we will reach,
To that distant land.
Where sun and moon shine together
And never stay apart
With the glittering stars  and
floating sands,
Into the inroads of our hearts atleast
lets get lost together

Prompted at : Sunday Scribblings

On the other side of the moon

On the other side of the moon,
Breathes a naked world,
Of darkness and mystery
Of pain and misery,
And of pulsating rage unfurled
A tempest of supressed carnage

A shroud of secrecy it cloaks
With pent up desires, it chokes
Of whispers and nudges
Of malicious, unrepentant grudges
And of deafening sounds of silence
A world on the other side of the moon

Hidden behind the shadows
Scarier than the gallows
Of shifting and shivering sands
Lingers a  quivering land
Ah a land of veritable doom
On the other side of the moon

Prompted at : Inspire me thursday and TOP 

A song

Of hope and dreams,
A song I sing,
The sweetest song of all

Of tenderest care,
And simplest joys
Of mighty people  and small

A softest web,
of silken thread
A verse of delicate form

Of warmest hearts,
And noblest spirit,
And of kindness above all

I sing a song,
Of the glorious days
And the magnificent nightfalls

A song I sing,
The sweetest song.
It would be oft recalled

Prompted at : TOP


Persistent dreams interfere with callous reality.
Tumultous thoughts embroil in the inroads of my mind
Life, a will o' wisp!
The inroads of my mind embroil in tumultous thoughts.
Callous reality interfere with persistent dreams.


Prompted at : 3WW 

The words were : Callous Persistent Interfere

Naisaiku Challenge- Week II

Absolve me of aberrant afflictions
Insanity reigns with impervious ignominy
My Lucid Sanity Lives
With impervious ignominy,Insanity reigns
Of aberrant afflictions, absolve me!

Prompted at : Naisaiku Challenge

Shadow dancing

Slowly she glided below titillatingly,
Half empty poses, vaguely flitted through
And with bated breath I looked;
Dazzled by her sinewy movements,
Onerous looks subdued into a smile.
Whence did she come from?

Dormant desires rose lustily;
And unbeknownst hands curved;
New songs reverberated as feet tapped in tandem
Carried with the rhythm, I danced.

It had happened finally. Shadows dancing through the valiant
Night, inspired me to
Gleefully envelope the darkness and step into light.

Prompted at : Acrostic Poetry only

Acrostic only!

A thought
Carved through my words
Reared with emotions
Overlapped with dreams
Slowly evolves as a verse
This verse then,
Is gently refined and
Coarse ideas, fit into a rhythm

Obdurate thoughts are then obfuscated into
Nuances; Which are
Left to be interpreted by
You, my readers!

Twilight Dreams

Shadows dancing on the walls;
Like curtains, with the passing breeze;
Memories, flickering with the lamps,
That adorn the distant hills
And suspended, with bated breath
The instant when,
The day meets the night..

And at that instant,
A leaf from the past, revisits;
Brings along few whispers in the dark
Few moments from the park,
left behind.
A moment when lips parted,
To meet again.
And the moment when,
eyes met with shy candor in bitter sweet evasion!
Ah the heady romance!

It brings back the sunshine of youth
In the twilight of my life...

Prompted at : One single impression

Men Goof, If Sly! - Sijo

To the symphony of rain and thunder, he struts.
Entranced she looks on;
With disdain he spreads the plume.
She, mesmerized by his beauty and variegated colors, is
And yet,when eyes meet, disinterest shines;
She knows,
Men goof , if (she remain) sly!

Prompted at : Tuesday title and Poetry stretch

This prompt is special for two reasons. Firstly, coz I have used an anagram of my blog title ( song of my life <==> Men Goof, if sly!)

And also coz I have used one of the korean style Sijo. I am not sure if I have given it a good try. but here is my first attempt!

It either consist of 3 lines lof 14-16 syllable. The first line introduces a theme. Second one elaborates on it and the third one has a twist in the tale :)

Few examples here..

The spring breeze melted snow on the hills then quickly disappeared.
I wish I could borrow it briefly to blow over my hair
And melt away the aging frost forming now about my ears.


Oh that I might capture the essence of this deep midwinter night
And fold it softly into the waft of a spring-moon quilt
Then fondly uncoil it the night my beloved returns.

So tender! I am gonna try more. I know this one is not upto the par.. but it is a start!

P.S: One of my friend on orkut write a poem using all the titles I have ever written on.. I couldn't help but post it here :)

In the Loneliness of winter, Echoes of silence around,
The Voices in My head, took me for a stroll with the past.
In the summer winds, did meet a Anonymous musician,
Chanced to read her blog song, penned in Love for the mighty sun.

A new dawn n unseen dreams, wanting to break free,
It wasn’t yet another ordinary day, a new day had come.
It had rained today, the after glow and the hues, called to kiss the clouds.
Along the afternoon sea, and the waves, I walked alone.

Time and Tide thou wait for none…
The change did bring the stormy weather,
And waters had weathered the summer’s charm.
My abode was an island of sorrow, Life…. Lost.

A vertigo heart and a Lonely tear in the contrived words,
Chained by my shadow I could feel a woman in me…
Yet again the anonymous Musician, now a Black Knight,
Yet again a poem, a fresh collage of dreams and hope.

Season is a master in disguise…it’s yet again a lonely night.
Winter! A flower had withered somewhere, Suicide….
Down by the river bend, a leaf had Dropped and died today,
Through the Lady in the green, am sending a postcard to the heaven,

Oh Fog! My Plea to you on this early winter morning,
If only I could go out, In search of an answer,
and the Lady lost in the rainy night, where are you?
It will rain today! Time for a Haiku at the least…

Come with a Candle thou on this windy and chill Evening,
To Keep you warm as thin Crest Pizzas at the Boca Grande awai


Dazed with confusion, I,
ddle you with questions
ettled by your intense stare, I
esist from
ncroaching your space.
ove however, binds us with
nvisible cords. you,
verlook my transgressions and
aively greet me with a smile

Prompted at : Acrostic only

Candid conversation

You sift through my vague impulses
Thoughts that don't form completely.

Like a sieve,
You filter them with words.
Amaze me with them.

Candidly see through.
Me, I have no pretenses.

Just a veil.
Cobwebs of buried ideas
Left to gather dust.

Is it a risk?
This open conversation that we seem to have

Honest answers.
Piercing insight
Candid confessions.

Impulsive words,
Innocuous? Not likely.
Hidden motives,
Real Illusions.
Illusive reality.

An uncalculated.. unreserved moment.
Alive. This moment. Us.

Is It Worth The Trouble?

Candid confessions!
A miscalculated risk-
My impulsive honesty
Is It Worth The Trouble?
My impulsive honesty
A miscalculated risk-
Candid confessions!

Prompted at: 3WW

Not really satisfied by this.. may be will re touch it later :)

A beautiful beautiful thing!

In your eyes, I see me
Gloriously alive, Amazingly alluring
This love, rose-tinted mess
A Beautiful, Beautiful Thing!
Rose- tinted mess, this love!
Amazingly alluring, Gloriously alive..
I see me in your eyes..

Prompted at : Naisaiku


Like chakor I search you
In dead of the night; After long
The specter visits

Prompted at: One single impression
P.S: Chakor is a bird that is supposed to track the moon all night :)

Dreams-What we would do without them?

I once dreamt of all possible things.
The probable and the improbable
With open eyes, I once dreamt
Dreams-What Would We Do Without Them ?
I once dreamt, with open eyes.
The improbable and the probable
Of all possible things. I once dreamt!

This is my try on " Naisaiku "

song of the bleeding heart

A ruby red throne,
Encrusted in ice,
For centuries seemingly
Lay hidden.
Deep deep in the heart of the sea
Glittered through the night,
Glowed in the light
A ruby red throne!

A Precious little gift.
Scorned with indifference,
The ice thawed
And the throne melted.
And left behind,
A chimera of liquid crimson skies
A lost saga that the waves sing
If you listen carefully,
When the sun meets the earth,
You can still hear,
The song of the bleeding heart

Prompted at : Monday mural

Valentine's Day

Vague yearnings
Arrive at my doorstep
Love seems to knock my door
Elfish dreams and
Nascent feelings raise their heads
Time to rejoice again
In the wide open sky of my heart
New beginnings

Spring in my winter

Dawn cloaked in the golden glow
Awaits me
Yet again. Its no longer dark!

Prompted at : Acrostic poems

Rain drops

Raging emotions
Accost my senses
Inundated me;
Numbly awaits

Drench me to my very soul
Regrets choke my mind
Overwrought! I need respite
Purge me of this pain
Show me the way, oh

prompted at : Acrostic only

P.S: I have tried something new here. do notice that I have used the word at the end of the stanza :)

Rabble rousers

Oh rabble rousers,
Arouse my soul
From this unbidden sleep.
Long forgotten consciousness
Needs a rude awakening
It seems lost
Since eternity.

Oh rabble rousers,
Break the walls,
The unwanted fences,
Cemented with fear
Rearrange my torrid emotions!
It lies in disarray,
Since eternity.

Oh rabble rousers,
While you are at it,
Can you please,
Find my voice
Make it heard above the noise.
Validate my existence
It lies in wait
Since eternity.

Prompted at 3WW


A heave of breath,
Slowly rising and falling,
A mind numbing, blood curdling,
Breast thumping cry....

This night will never end,

Like squirrel we scamper,
Trying to find cover. We fail. As always!

Our bodies,
A live canvas,
Red. Blue.
Enmeshed with
Streaks of brown and black.

Visually alive.
Spiritually dead.

of a my life
A facsimile of yours

Prompted at : Poefusion Friday 5


A leaf rustled somewhere,
The spell broken,
Lovers parted;
The kiss left,

Not to go

The branches of the trees,
Wrap themselves around you,
Begging, not to go

The song birds,
sing in tandem,
Imploring, not to go

The passing wind,
Whisper into your ears,
pleading, not to go

The clouds in vain,
Urging, not to go

Ah the sky,
bends over
Willing you to stop to not go!

The wafting fragrance,
The drooping flowers,
The setting sun
And the rising moon

They all express
What my silent heart couldnt
Why don't you heed to the plea in my eyes?
The unexpressed need in my sighs..

Screaming.. not to go...

Prompted at : totally optional prompts

P.S: I tried to combine two of the prompts.. for repetition and Aubade ( Aubade is a poem that asks someone to stay to not go away..)

P.P.S: I have kept it as simple as possible. I guess something as poignant as this needs no metaphor.. no symbols :)

Wind? Love?

Two flowers sneak closer,
Slowly they touch,
A moment together,

Lifetime apart

Wind the hero,and the villain

Prompted at : One single impression

P.S: I dunno what to title this.. do suggest :D


Crumpled sheets portray
nerves; they conceal-
illicit desire

Prompted at : 3WW

And also submitted at : Monday poetic train

The Blogsphere

I got to thank pratsie.. for posting the acrostic poem.. which inspired me to try it :) Offlate I have been feeling very uninspired.. hopefully my muse shall come back to me...

Ah here is my first acrostic poem.. as a prompt from Acrostic Poetry only

Hold my

Overfilled with
Hitherto they were
Reflections. And now,
Encaptured for eternity!


Ah what else can I say.. finally I have reached 200 posts on this blog.. Its little hard to digest that 6 months before I celebrated 125 posts.. its an understatement to say that past 6 months have been the most productive! yes they have been :)

I am also humbled that this blog has 15 followers. Thank you so much guys!

Since past 2-3 months due to internet troubles.. shifting houses and loss of blog roll has made it impossible for me to visit many of you.. and yet you guys have been there for me.. commenting and encouraging me..

Thank you so!

It would have been apt that I write a poem celebrating this milestone.. and yet.. my muse seem to have decided to go on a vacation.. I guess she is a lot overworked offlate and deserves it.. lets just hope that she comes back...

In the meantime a meager offering....

Few words fused together
In an unknown meter,
Few thoughts sung,
In a wayward tune
Ah the song of my life
Of joys, love and strife

Despair not!

I have been really really very very uninspired lately.. as you can see from the quality of poems I have posted earlier.. and hence I have taken a leave from posting.. however.. just yesterday when I was going through Karthik's blog.. I saw this simple verse that i wrote in response to his poem.. 

Am pasting the poem here ..

Despair not ,
Oh child of god,
For darkness belies
the face of lord

If shadows cast
Darker than the night
How can you suspect
The presence of light ?

Trudge along steadfast
This too shall pass
For a magical dawn
Awaits your victory horn

P.P.S: *sigh*


Shifting shadows in the twilight
Dance in tandem,
Resonating with the thoughts
That twirl in my mind

A swirl of excitement
Few whispered memories
With a curl of the lips

Ah that secretive smile!

Lingering sunlight,
Of golden promises of the dawn
Unknown yearnings beckon

my conscious being
Entrancing silently
Dreams sneak in


A regret

A regret I have,
Held it secretly, all this while
I wish I had
Something to remember you through,
A picture, some words
Is it too much to ask ?

A whisper,
deep in my heart,
I would never need anything,
To remind me of you
For you pervade,
my very being!

And yet,
I so wish,
You felt the same too!


The cadence of your eyes,
Gently reminds me,
Of my earlier resolve,

Lost in the sensation
Allured by the sugary delight
I crumble...

And when your brows curve,
Humbly I let go,
With a sheepish smile

Then the curve of your lips,
Bright with mischief
Gobble it up!

Prompted at : 3WW

I now have a dream

For all those vacant empty stares,
And the vague games that I played
With the spider crawling through the wall,
While I traversed through the darkened thoughts

I now have a dream....

A belief that the stars can be reached
This wall of inhibitions and defenses
Can slowly be breached

I know things are not easy as they seem

And yet, dreams can be made true,
If I only see it through
For life is worthwhile, only if you try !

I now have everything that I'll ever need...

Prompted at : Meme Express

Winter of my muse

The colorless colors of my words,
At the listless verses that I spew,

Is there anything that I want to say ? 
Changing and rearranging
Rehashing! Same emotions....
They seem lost

Is it me?
Living behind the countless defenses,
Fences, that I created,
Lost the ability to really see?

The vivid colors that once danced

Waiting to be noticed
Seems to have faded, 
Like autumn leaves

Is it any wonder, that winter is here ?


Entwined arms part
For tryst with the unknown, wind beckons
Dreams forfeit, love lost

Prompted at : 3WW

I wish I had

How I wish to capture,
The swish of the curl,
of that impertinent smile
And the twinkle of that eye
Filled with mischief...

I wish I had,
When you were near, yet here

How I wish I could,
hold your warmth within me
Melt in your wordless sea,
And may be,
Breathe in your scent,
And never let go,

I wish I had,
When you were near, yet here

I would be satisfied,
If I could live with the chimera
I would find light,
In the darkest of the umbra
And yet, this is denied to me
For you have left ,
Out of the realms of my five senses

And yet you remain,
In my heart, forever lodged
Your touch inscribed, on my body
And your picture, in my eyes!
And your voice...
a music that echoes
through my consciousness
And you color my dreams,
As you once colored,
my every waking moment

And I am drenched to my very core,
In the very essence of you


In life's myriad schemes-
Like chameleons in panic,
Deceptions we create!

Prompted at : 3WW


Unseen hesitation warred,

With faint glimmer of passion..
Fortune miswrites..
And I am left with,
A land of barreness,
Where once crimson streaked
The inner lanes of my heart
I am now,
left with Viduity,

I welcome adversity,
Like a canopy,
Let it cacoon me,
Like a salve for the wound
And now,
this piece of orange,
This saree,
Arouses the feelings,
And I see,
dreams I never let myself see

I wish, It was me,
Who wiped the sweat, from your head
After a long tiring day
I wish, It was me,
That you wed.
And it was you, that marked my gateway,
To bliss, to love

And while you repose,
I wish, I could gently sneak into your arms
And our love be the only ambrose,
that we would seek
And as you find my various charms,
Oh so slowly,
I wish, I could color your dreams too

Furtively, I touch,
The small box that holds,
Everything denied to me,
A streak of red,
Ah! why oh why fortune played this game?
I know it never will be same,
I chance upon her

She who is your wife,
And that cherubic face,
Of your child
And I curtail my wild thoughts...
For it was never to be..
I know this saree will never be worn,
Like that life, that will never be born
Which once we dreamt about, together...

P.S: in response to the prompt at poefusion and 3WW

I know I am super late! Sorry for that :) When I checked the prompts initially this poem struck me.. though the theme I thought about is totally inspired by a scene in a tamil movie whose name I don't even remember but I would love to give the back ground....

This scene is pictured as a song.. and i dont remember the song even.. I have not tried to translate it or anything.. just my impression..

The heroine is a widow and in dire straits.. hero, who is now married to someone else finds her and shelters her in his house. The wife knows about their past and is sympathetic. Heroine isnt much educated as is norm in the village.. however they r childhood sweethearts.. before the hero could his education( he was away).. the situation at the girls family changes and under duress she marries someone else.. And eventually he does to..

So in this situation, she is living in his house as a nanny to take care of his kids. Its diwali and he( his wife infact) gives her gift of clothes... which is also a norm out here.. Well so she dreams what it would be to marry him.. when she chances upon his family picture which brings her back with a bang...