Anonymous Musician

A tender note you seed
Waiting for someone to heed
Combines with the falling rain
Assaults my senses,
A different world it transcends
Your tune- arcane

Early morn,
lilting romance
Chirping birds
and greeny expanse
reverberating silence,
world entranced
Like a doe,
stopped in its prance

Well worn nights,
Cloudy skies
submerged in harmony
As your melody
Slowly arise
Like waves
dissipates on the shore

oh anonymous musician,
Not you, but I know your song
when you strum your flute
My thoughts go mute
and slowly, from deep within,
resonates a thought,
And I know that Somehow,
Somewhere we belong

And then out of the blue,
your music ends,
Back to the mundane world
To a deafening silence , am hurled
Dreamy flowers that slowly unfurled
have fallen,

To catch your sound,
I strain my ears
Alas you are not to be found,
And here they come unbidden
little drops of heart sore tears
Until tomorrow I have to contend
And on this rainy night
I hold on really tight
To your lovely souvenir!

But it rained today

I can survive,
And still jive
Though you are gone

Doesnt really matter
My heart wont shatter
What if I am alone

Let the flowers bloom
Let the birds chirp
I wont drown in gloom

Let the wind whisper
Sweet nothings,
Let the cloud flirt

The fragrance,
the lilting melody
The nightly croon

Nothing can make me miss you
Nothing can sway

it rained today...


Few pebbles on the shore

Holding songs of yore

red blue and green

Glittering sheen

In myriad hues

Like memories


Island of sorrow

Been waiting so long,
Searching some place to belong,
Looking for that silver lining
Beyond the dark clouds
Lost in the way,

Darkness will lead to light...
Alleviated I will be
from this plight
I know future is bright
Until then though,
I am still an
Island of sorrow


As I walk down the squalor
My heart cries
Disturbed by the flies
How can they live like this?
There is so much they miss!

But their hearts are so clean

In my mind I scream
Wail against the lord
For conditions so extreme
This is not fair
Dont you ever care?

Until their eyes, I see, alit with dreams

I look around in pain
Trying to gauge their hardships
Could I be of any help?
And they curl their lips
and look in disdain

We have life in our grips

Oh would you refrain?
From so many complaints they ask,
We dont have any mask
And are upto any task
We dont live in regret

Oh please don't you fret!

I ask them to be strong
To fight against the wrongs
They ask me to come along
To see why they belong
And then some break into a song

And I stumble head long into a pit

As they break into a fit
of laughter;
I realize,
While I look for the dirt
They find the mirth
Little islands of happiness
They are never lonesome

Ah the nugget of wisdom

And I smile back to them from all my heart
They see I have finally learnt
The art of living;
It is not about what you have in life
Its all about living!

And finally it is all about sharing

Gravest Mistake

I said those words to you
Though it was not true
You, I didnt need
I needed someone
But there was no one to heed

So I let things go far
And let my heart mar
Things that should have been so pure
I mared them sore
Is there any cure?

For things I did
Were sordid indeed
Yet I find hard to regret
The feelings you abet
In me;

Lonely as lark
At night, staring in the dark
I stay awake,
You might forget me, have even
How can i though?
Forget my gravest mistake!


Deep within
interminable abyss
Endless night
Echoes silent nothings
Stillness of a scream
Chills to the bone
Unbidden rises a dream

From the dark alleys,
Secret recesses
A violent thought
Benumbed ,
As hell freezes over
I watch, helpless
Delusion juxtaposed with reality

Kiss the clouds

So high you are
So far,
How can I reach

I, daughter of the earth
And you,
King of the sky so blue

Every passing day,
I stretch,
and yet you are not nigh...

Your kisses,
Nourishes my soul,
And I, writhe in longing,
Longing to be complete, to be whole

The dancing wind, flirts,
Tempting me
With sweet nothings

stead fast I wait,
For that day,
In your arms I will lay
A little step I take,
As my heart aches

Finally my sweat bears fruit,
And while the earth hugs my root
My branches reach out to you..
Oh clouds,
You pass through me..
You remain, a part of me forever...


Few scribbles on paper reminds,
Unfathomable, unexpressed thoughts
I lived a dream, thousand times over
When did it turn into an oasis?

I crossed seven seas
Created a different life,
with you by my side,

And now like autumn leaves,
You left,
Leaving behind,
Moments frozen in time

And those incomplete words,
Hidden deep within,
Waiting to be shared
Waiting for those wintry nights
And those intimate conversations
We dreamt about..

This nest is now broken,
The chicks have flown away.
And now I leave too
Back to the familiar
And yet as a stranger

For the first time in my life,
And I feel finally free..
I am now now my namesake..
I am finally without borders..

P.S: I saw name sake today. I did read it before.. but to see it pictured.. made me write this poem...