Stroll with the past

Silent mountains, reverberating echoes,
Calls someone, lost somewhere
Fleeting clouds, wandering breeze
Carry the invite there

There near the horizon
where dark shadows lengthen
Lurks a soul.. long forgotten
seeking solace from the bristling gale...
consolations from the silent mountains...

As heart beats increase.. and world cease,
To exist;
Waiting for that glance.. an assault to my senses
And the ebony sky, witness to my pain, holds my sigh
but do i let the moments pass? and hold my tongue...
A quagmire that haunts me since eternity...

i wish to scream..yell...and say how much i care,
I wish so bad, to say I will be there
Can you hear the unsung dreams
In the music of the dancing stream ?
Please listen to the resonating silence
Unsaid words uttered in my defense

As the sun goes down the irascible sea
And light from the distant huts adorn the hill
A lonely tear mingles with the welcoming wave
Deep inside my heart I save..
Thousand thoughts unformed..
countless memorable moments unshared..

And I dissolve into nothingness
your uninvited..unbidding memory

P.S: This poem is written by uddy and me! Isnt it wonderful??

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Patchez said...

it is it is!! :D

without doubt it is meenie... :) and special thanks to uddy

Matangi Mawley said...

very well written!

Rex said...

Poems that use nature's elements as agents of expression are adorable. This is one of them.