Alone and desolate I wander
On the roads long abandoned
Within my mind,am trying to find
Something lost in oblivion
That something is "us"

As the ebony sky cries with me
and dark clouds covers the moon
As the nightangle croons in the night
Shadows of the past
follow me
Down the forbidden memory lane

The trees sway with an unbidden symphony
And beetles sing hauntingly
And I remember
Our days together.. the bliss
I remember.. your touch.. your kiss
And when the wind blows through my hair
My lonesome heart howls in despair

Trying hard to fill this void
Failing yet again to avoid
That faint glimmer of hope
And yet again I wet my pillow
Late in the night
I pine in bittersweet sorrow

a bitter pill to swallow

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ishaan said...

sloe ur eyes when ur alone coz we are never truly alone when there is no1 on the outside look for the one inside

Neeraja said...

loneliness is the bitterest pill to swallow! :((