Will you ever?

Sometimes may be,
deep in the night
Across the seven seas,
into my dreams slowly,
Will you ever arrive?
Just may be ?

while the moon blushes,
behind the cloud;
the gentle wind rustles the leaves,
Memories heady like raat rani,
An unheeded symphony

Will you paint them red?
those dreams flowers,
tantalizing, fragrant,
vagrants blooming,
In my head !

Will you ever?

P.S: Thank you Anoop for the editing

4 visitors stopped by.:

RiverSoul said...

A nice work:)
Reminds me of life again.

--xh-- said...

u always pain a nice picture with words... :)

Anonymous said...

umm... ya i guess xh is right... u always do paint a picture with words...

its brilliant winnie...

Neeraja said...

Something I ask silently to the breezes of the night :) Every night.