reach the top...

There is darkness all around,
No one is to be found,
Undaunted i tread
Where others dread...

For i seek the truth
I know my hard work will bear fruit
Dangers I dare
In defeat I dont despair...

Many-a-times I will be disheartened
I may want to stop
Doggedly I would go on
Till I reach the top (stars )

There may b thorns here n there
And my feet maybe bare
What if blood does flow?
Steadfast I go but slow!

I may weep in pain
While others look wid disdain
They may mock at my misery
So wht? some day.. I will b care free!

I may have a fall
I may b abandoned by all
I will take my winning leap
Before i go to my final sleep

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->V<- said...

Nice ispiring poem of yours..that!

even for those who dont strive to reach the top (u know who ! :P)

Anonymous said...

inspiring...last two lines esp. !!