One of my favoritest poem by Sarojini Naidu!

Nay, donot grieve though life be
full of sadness,
Dawn will not veil her
splendour for your grief,
Nor spring deny their bright,
appointed beauty
To lotus blossom and ashoka leaf.

Nay, dnot pine though life be
Dark with trouble,
Time will not pause or
tarry in its way;
Today that seems so long,
so strange, so bitter.
Will soon be forgotten

Nay, donot weep; new hope new faces
new dreams,
The unspent joy of all the
unborn years
Will prove your heart a traitor
to its sorrow,
And make your eyes unfaithful
to theit tears.

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->V<- said...

Too good !! too true !!

Anonymous said...

nightingale's poem in another nightingale's blog??? ;)