If only I could go out

If only i could go out..
impregnated silence will welcome me
death like wind will hug me
all encompassing fog
Will hide me
I can dance i can scream
I can shout
If only i could go out

lonely travellers of forlorn night
Will greet me at my sight
Slowly entangled in innane fight
I wont shiver in fright
As musquitoes play music for me
I could finally be free
nebuleous shadows
Following,Wherever I'll go
Night in its bosom invites

If only I could go out

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Neeru said...

looks like u really need to unwind, go out n have fun ALONE more often! :) ur need shines through the poem.

n btw, u told me u wrote this in the MORNING?! :O :D

Pensativo said...

crazie meen :D

keep writing.. you are just rocking..

at least in writing :)

Anonymous said...

if only i could go out??
funny, i wishing the opposite right now...!!