He had stars in his eyes
He didnt see her sighs
He wanted to go to the war
Martyr to the country
Brought in his eyes, stars

Trepidated, duty torn
She tries to make him stay
All he mustered was a scorn
For his mother forlorn
Amidst the cheer of hoarding crowd
He walked away..

She knows he may never return
Feigning smile,As her heart yearns
Hiding fears and concern
There she boldly stands
Gaily Waving her hands

Rivers of blood doesflow,In country woebegone
Some will rejoice, while others mourn
Innocence lost, will leave a mark
On him; the truth stark.
Beholden to war mongering sharks

months pass by, war never ends
But sooner or later they do send
His mortal remains
He died as a soldier brave
But would it give solace ?
For the lady by his grave

Not a single tear did she shed
For her son,the dead.
Posthomus they gave her the plaque
With words ostenious and fake
To hold in his wake

Not a single tear did she shed
For the child she raised and fed
Tears of heart, frozen as ice
This was her sacrifice
For sins of her fellow beings,
she paid the price!

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Neeru said...

OH MY GOD. :O im speechless!

Patchez said...


Meenie... :O that was so true.. and so well written.. aawww someone will cry wen they wd read ur poems!!

*Many Hugs*

Pensativo said...

and the silence prevails...