I believe now...


of immense faith
Performing miracles
Ignited the first flames of piety
In me

Prompted at : 3WW , Sunday Scribblings and Totally Optional Prompts

I know I have been away from this blog for a long time now and I havent written anything for the prompts too.. This is my way of trying to fit more than one prompts together.. the 3 worded prompts for 3WW are in bold and italics and this is my attempt of Cinquain .. You can read my earlier attempt here

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alok said...

Simple, yet beautiful and ofcourse powerful words :)

Keep rocking

Anonymous said...

great! your faith shines through..the other one is beautiful too:)

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Very spiritual!

RiverSoul said...

Loved both ur l8est posts
Awesome pics too
Happy new year, winnie
Visit my Blog.
Got something for you

Linda Jacobs said...

I like the comparison of whispers and immense. Beautiful!

ThomG said...

My hope is that you'll find more time in 2009 to write. You're stuff is great. I hope you'll continue to make 3WW a regular stop.

gel said...

Strong motivation
lovely image
(not familiar with this poetry form- I will need to try it in 2009)

Keep writing!

gautami tripathy said...

Beautifully said!

guts wrench out.....

And please do visit Poetry Train being run each Monday!

Winnie the poohi said...

Alok thank you :)

Mithe.. umm my faith is a bit shaky.. a piece of fiction here..

Sweet talking guy.. thank you :)

Sid oh thank you so! I am touched! and glad that you liked it so!

Linda thank you :)

Gel :) Please do try.. its fun :D

And welcome to my blog :)

TomG it wasnt as much as time but well inspiration that lacked :) I will be around a lot.. that you can take for granted :)

Gautami I would make it to your poetry train :) and thank you for stopping by

Anonymous said...

u get a lot of prompts...! :)
and u write nicely always! :)

another new form? cinquain is it? i try soon! :)