Cohorting with the undefinable confusion
Outfoxed by the the obvious
Ubiquitous me
Rapine through the inimical ideas.
Auguries of innocence
Grapple with fear... 
Elusive courage emerge from esoteric thoughts!

Prompted at : Acrostic only

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!nversed Poignancy! said...

Loved the punching last line meena..
Its such a truth..
Loved these thoughts..:)

Illeen said...

Elusive courage emerge from esoteric thoughts.. awesome!

you come up with some really awesome showstealers

Amias said...

"Cohorting with the undefinable confusion"

"Elusive courage emerge from esoteric thoughts!"

Glad to see you back .. the first and last line were very unique indeed!

rdl said...

Good one!

TJ said...

wow, that is a understatement!
Elusive courage emerge from esoteric thoughts!"
Very good!

Anonymous said...

you are back with a bang then! :D

even i took this acrostic up! :)

mystic rose said...

:)I like this acrostic. you did well.

but here's my take on courage.
Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.

Its a quote.

Nave said...

I bow down to you !! where do u get such powerful words from .. am in awe .. Wonderful write meanie :D

Neeru said...

Wow, that really taxed my dictionary.
I've always thought flowery words aren't all that meaningful. You've proved me wrong. Wonderful :)