Pain is addictive

"Pain me more".
Abrasive skin cried out
Inked in black and blue,
Nearly lost
In soporific daze and  yet,
Sadistic pleasures eludes me

As the flails whipped the
Decadent, deplorable skin
Devilishly distorted in love
Incited by an uncontrollably illicit
Carnal desire,

Tamed by my master
I,imbruted by his touch;
Violently attain
Exilir of life!

Prompted at : Acrostic only 

P.S: I hope no one is offended by this poem. When I saw the prompt as pain is addictive.. this was the first thought that jumped into my mind. pleasure through pain.. and I had to try and write about it. 

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Amias said...

We did say pain is addictive, and you did a good job on staying with the prompt.

Did you forget to link it?

Winnie the poohi said...

Thank you :) no I didnt forget :)

Biju Mathews said...

Oh, yeah pain is addictive. Very much!!

"..In soporific daze and yet,
Sadistic pleasures illudes me.."

Did you mean eludes or alludes?

Keep Blogging!!

Winnie the poohi said...

Its "eludes" :)

Thank you for pointing it out

Amias said...

By the way Miss Pooh ..
I love the look of your new blog .. and I did want to mention that I so loved the ending of this .. as it is true to form ..

"Tamed by my master
I,imbruted by his touch;
Violently attain
Exilir of life!"

You really stepped up to the plate with this one!

!nversed Poignancy! said...

Wowie!, this requires some ovations!.
Loved this!

Anonymous said...

Interesting and perfectly baked !!! i expected something like this from you !! see how well i know you SS :)

Nave said...

I was about to write something similar on the prompt.. but then I saw yours and I changed my route .. noway could i better this one.. Splendid Meanie!!

Anonymous said...

This was similar to my idea of pain.. It being satisfying in some way.. I loved yours... Seem to convey it so much better :)

Megs said...

You know something are awesome >:D<

Magnificent !!!

Anonymous said...


Amiya chatterjee said...

jugglery with aliteration has to be spontaneous. Othewise nice poem!

Anonymous said...

super! :) u stuck brilliantly to the prompt, like amias says! :)

Amias said...

I guess I am drawn to this because I think of my friend who committed suicide last year. She was a cutter, since age nine; she was just 42 years old.

You know, as friends we should never wear mask with each other, but sometimes we do.