Hues of memories

Few scribblings on paper
Long forgotten.. words that taper
I remember those days.. remember all of them

Frolicking .. having fun
Walking on the dew soaked lawn.. walking in the sun
Together .. A mayhem

chattering long in the night
Conversations that soon became a fight
Conversations that lasted longer than the moon in the sky

Evenings on the D C H
Talking at a stretch
About... careers dreams ..Everything under the sky

Hanging on the wall
Looking towards the rainbow and the rain fall
Getting wet... that July

The study time in empty classes
Countless cups of tea.. drunk in glasses
A warm hug... when tension was high

Struck under the bee hive
Laughing and yet scared.. you stand by
Receiving scoldings yet saying.. I did survive

Those walks to the temple.. our secret nook
Sitting in silence by the brook
Aloo bhajiya.. Mirchicha techa.. we partook

Returning late long after the deadline
Lying left and right.. with expressions benign
Running away to the room with you struck making excuse

That worried phone call
As I dint let you know.. was on a waterfall
With newly formed friends .. you lost your fuse!

Singing songs in the canteen
Bunking classes.. without being seen
Assignments copied .. always a ruse

All those memories we cherish
I am sure there are more you can add with relish
Crazy Days n nights of hostel ..
colors of my life,Colors with different hues

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Neeraja said...

nice :)

Anonymous said...


this is what gave me a lil idea to write 'nostalgic fun'