Some verses

P.S: I am feeling very very uninspired however, yesterday there was this poetry contest where in I wrote some verses.. Few are good while rest may not be that good. But each one of them vere inpropmptu hence have placed it here:


I committed a crime
desecrating the shrine
My body,
With cuts and bruises
As blood oozes
Like mannequin I stay
my life wasted away



Ashes of time
swept away in wind
Time doesnt freeze ,

As body burns ,
A new journey begins
And past mistakes rescinds

I feel they are 2 haikus what do you think ??



Death is not an end
It is just a bend
Down the roads of experience
Coz every day we die a little
Each time, it breaks, our heart so brittle
Death, in you we can depend


This one is trite!

We all commit a crime.
Each moment of our life
Every breath is a crime
After all we got to survive
It is the situation thats criminal


Now in reply to few verses directly:

In reply to:
self realization is when,
you gently nurse the wounds,
which your crime might've caused,
then even your suffering might end,
you can live without grief then

Isnt this just fine ?
Inflict the wound then nurse in time
What if someone's life you mime
Can we forgive him then ?
Words my friend so easy to give
But remember to forgive you got to live!


Light remains ever in the sky,
Whether at night, or at day,
When the sun gives way to the Shadows,
The stars and the moon illuminate my way

Light is naught, If i dont see
Without my sight they cannot be
Is it not true then,
I am the world and world is me ?


Bit light the moon gives,
Sun is always required.
Why does the sun give way to shadows,
When its need is dire?

Shadows are needed
So that light is heeded
For without the pain
Won't happiness be in vain?


the pleasures,
for which you call life a 'gift'
i think it to be,
another one of god's thrifts
a result of his skillful ploys,
from one boat to another,
our life drifts

Drifting wood on the river never drowns
A man with hope never frowns
Be it a ploy as you say
Would you like it any other way?


Light is there as shadows occur
And shadows, to let light be
Without silence, is there any clamor?
Without a lady, is there any audor ?
In a man's life,
Dark and the white
Two perceptions of the same light


I see the world,
As my eyes unfurled.
How can I champion my dear one
Until i know that the evil deed is done ?

I am incomplete,Cant deny that.
So is this world that I look at


I still wonder why we seek happiness
It gives joy i agree, but leaves such a mess
Sadness is constant, ever so loyal
then why don't we give it, treatment so royal?


Sadness is real, as much as joy
Failure and success, just a buoy
Life my friend, is just a decoy
Accept it or not, we are just a toy


I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing them hence keeping it for posterity

P.P.S: I am wondering if i should complete few of them into full fledged poems ?? Few I feel are already complete!

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Neeraja said...

hmmm... seems like uve been pretty naughty with words these few days! ive missed a lot of action! n no, the poems in this section r beautiful as they r... if u make them longer, i feel the poignancy in ur words may be lost. but u r the poetess, u would know better of course! :)