Those little moments that we share
Stolen from time
Days of joys, love and care

Warm nights in your lap
As you created magic with words
Alive and absurd

Lazy Sunday afternoons
Singing wayward.. offbeat tunes
drooping eyes to your croon

every morning full of chaos
Wake up alarm..
Your voice so cross

And the evenings spent in wait
To and fro on the porch
And you come through the gate

And one day you didnt turn up
Oh who cast an evil eye
On my over flowing cup

Since that day I have never been same
Waited every since but you never came
And I shed a lonely tear

Ever since then I am bereft
No one to sing to me
No one to care
No one to say I will be there

I hear your voice in reverberating silence
I see you coming through the swirling mist
I know you are not ever coming back
I do not know why I still persist

This void in me no one can fill
I miss you so much oh mother!
How can there be any other?

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ishaan said...

a mother's void can never be filled

Neeraja said...

agreed. sigh.