Anonymous Musician

A tender note you seed
Waiting for someone to heed
Combines with the falling rain
Assaults my senses,
A different world it transcends
Your tune- arcane

Early morn,
lilting romance
Chirping birds
and greeny expanse
reverberating silence,
world entranced
Like a doe,
stopped in its prance

Well worn nights,
Cloudy skies
submerged in harmony
As your melody
Slowly arise
Like waves
dissipates on the shore

oh anonymous musician,
Not you, but I know your song
when you strum your flute
My thoughts go mute
and slowly, from deep within,
resonates a thought,
And I know that Somehow,
Somewhere we belong

And then out of the blue,
your music ends,
Back to the mundane world
To a deafening silence , am hurled
Dreamy flowers that slowly unfurled
have fallen,

To catch your sound,
I strain my ears
Alas you are not to be found,
And here they come unbidden
little drops of heart sore tears
Until tomorrow I have to contend
And on this rainy night
I hold on really tight
To your lovely souvenir!

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Neeraja said...

he/she must be one helluva lucky musician to get such a lovely poem dedicated to them!