Few scribbles on paper reminds,
Unfathomable, unexpressed thoughts
I lived a dream, thousand times over
When did it turn into an oasis?

I crossed seven seas
Created a different life,
with you by my side,

And now like autumn leaves,
You left,
Leaving behind,
Moments frozen in time

And those incomplete words,
Hidden deep within,
Waiting to be shared
Waiting for those wintry nights
And those intimate conversations
We dreamt about..

This nest is now broken,
The chicks have flown away.
And now I leave too
Back to the familiar
And yet as a stranger

For the first time in my life,
And I feel finally free..
I am now now my namesake..
I am finally without borders..

P.S: I saw name sake today. I did read it before.. but to see it pictured.. made me write this poem...

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Patchez said...

New Poem!!

yayyyy!!! I loved it :D

Neeraja said...

BRAVO! can't think of anythin else to say that'd suitably applaud such a LOVELY work!

->V<- said...

lovely :)