Deep within
interminable abyss
Endless night
Echoes silent nothings
Stillness of a scream
Chills to the bone
Unbidden rises a dream

From the dark alleys,
Secret recesses
A violent thought
Benumbed ,
As hell freezes over
I watch, helpless
Delusion juxtaposed with reality

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Neeraja said...

As hell freezes over... Hmmm, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! >:D< :*

vishu said...

waaaw, Outstanding.... excellent, a true definition of a nightmare...


->V<- said...

dark yet awesome !

Some good composer might turn it into a nice Heavy metal number :)

Voice said...

Stillness of a scream

[:O] your poetic mind can draw weird similarities

Patchez said...

scary.. :O

remember.. KKKKKiran??? :O

vijay said...

Agree... could have been a good metal number.