Kiss the clouds

So high you are
So far,
How can I reach

I, daughter of the earth
And you,
King of the sky so blue

Every passing day,
I stretch,
and yet you are not nigh...

Your kisses,
Nourishes my soul,
And I, writhe in longing,
Longing to be complete, to be whole

The dancing wind, flirts,
Tempting me
With sweet nothings

stead fast I wait,
For that day,
In your arms I will lay
A little step I take,
As my heart aches

Finally my sweat bears fruit,
And while the earth hugs my root
My branches reach out to you..
Oh clouds,
You pass through me..
You remain, a part of me forever...

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Alok said...

So beautifully written … keep it up :)

Neeraja said...

whoa, whoa, can't believe ANYONE could think even SUCH a beautiful thing! :)wonderful, darlin! :)

Patchez said...



Voice said...

mujhe to yeh pic bahut hi achha and apt laga poem k liye