A flower withered somewhere

A flower withered somewhere,
While the night,
Without any care...

Flames shoot up,
Reached for the ebon skies.
The passers-by

Crimson earth reflected,
In the night sky
tears of blood scorched
Honest eyes.

Questions long forgotten
Raised their ugly heads
Wheels of time paused
A dreadful faux pas

Indeed, humanity died
Many a death that night
While few raged,
A defenseless fight
Against life....

A flower withered somewhere,
Marked the history books
In colors of shame and pain
Innocence lost,
On the altar of greed

While we remained,
witness mute
To this carnage

Flames burnt that night
Brightly orange
Or was it our sensibility?
vagrant and deranged...

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Neeraja said...

Wow. Quite profound, love.

Anonymous said...

brilliant...quite profound indeed...
really makes me want to meet u...need to pick your brains, or atleast the part where the poems reside... maybe those thoughts will help me become better...!