Never again...

No I won't say a word
they die on my lips
never again
shattered trust,
teary eyes
my heart just bursts

No, never again
I wont give you pain
Seems like everything
Is just in vain
despair courses through my vein
May be am just insane!

Where did I go wrong?
how come I never do things right?
no longer.. I wanna be strong..
no longer!
why do we always fight?
I hold my thoughts tight
coiled inside
I will try
to not even cry!

never again

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Neeraja said...

"Why do we always fight?" Familiar words. :/ I've asked this question to someone before!

Anonymous said...

thats the spirit.. :)
try to be happy always... the strenght will come from within... :)

Aki..... said...

reminds me of the fight i had with mom... somehow!

!nversed Poignancy! said...

Beautiful thoughts..
Could meet with the feel..
Loved the last stanza, the profoundity that it emanated and the aura around it..:)

I will try
to not even cry!

Says it all..Perhaps a generic fact(may be)..but its never expressed ..
Loved the write..and the theme...

Anonymous said...

hey winnie... i saw u have added my blog in your catawampus me blog... thank you so much for that... just wanted to let u know that i changed the blog title... i felt it didn't match the blog... :)
btw nice new theme...

RiverSoul said...

Nice one.
I would like to add you in my list of good blogs.
Waiting for your consent.
Plz reply and do visit my own blog called Silent Recollections