Lurking shadows, shifting light
What is it that you try to hide?
Layer upon layer, pretenses plied

Reasons decried, living in blight
Won't you ever put up a fight?

Oh promise of future,the dream of morrow
Arise from this fugue and dispel forever,
This night of sorrow

Let this depraved world, revel in your might!
Soar high in the sky, like the wind and the kite

Behold! The dawn is yours !

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RiverSoul said...

Such inspirational work is hard to come by.
Gr8 work, winnie.:)

Anonymous said...

two words come to my mind,
when i do see your thought,
they are "just beautiful",
true till now, will be always,
brilliance has always your poems sought.

RiverSoul said...

Winnie honey,
You've been tagged by me for the eight things tag:)
Lets see you do it:)

Neeraja said...

WOW. :) I LOVED the last line!