A drop

A drop
Clung to the leaf
at the edge,
Like the maiden
in the ball
with breath bated
So did I

That stretched till eternity,

By the wind's temerity

The drop
In the vastness of the pond

In memory remains

The bond
Of the drop and the leaf

So deep

In me

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Neeraja said...

:) sweet. there are no such things as "after all"s in your life, eh? every little thing inspire some big thing!

Anonymous said...

hmm...2 personalities in one eh?? i could make that out when i saw only meena in orkut... no winnie!! :)
like this post...ur 125th..!! the master poetess eh?? well done...
may you reach a thousand soon!!
keep posting and do review my humble works when u can...!

!nversed Poignancy! said...

Wonderful imagery..beautiful contemplation interlaced with lovely metaphors...:))

uddyalok said...

Wow...nice observation...the drop and the leaf...u allaz have amazing ideas to ryt on...

and di...thanx for the read and comment...[:p]

RiverSoul said...

Really nice thesis.
I loved the way you have analysed the oh-so-short lifespan of a water drop.
Keep up the good work.
Will visit again.

RiverSoul said...

Oh! And i am blogrolling you.
Hope you dont mind.

RiverSoul said...

I am so sorry abt the repeated comment.
I browse Online on my mobile, on opera mini browser.
In some rare cases, it forgets cookies and that results in multiple post entries. Plz forgive me.