Cuckoo didn't sing today...

Cuckoo sung yesterday

A beautiful little song

The clouds remained
White they were
Like cotton balls
Eager earth still dry

I waited
For the showers
I knew it will come
If i wished it hard enough

It can't stay away
How can it?
Didn't the cuckoo promise
Didn't it say ?

Cuckoo sung yesterday....

alas, it didn't rain
All my efforts were in vain
How much is enough anyways?
I tell my tears,
As I hold them at bay

Cuckoo didn't sing
Why then they, to my lids cling?

You are not gonna come too
I wish I had a clue

why Cuckoo didn't sing today
why did it rain?

Really insane!
Must be the sheering pain....

Cuckoo didn't sing today

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RiverSoul said...

Loved it. Gr8 work.
And nice co-relation with the cuckoo.

Anonymous said...

u r a nature poet indeed winnie...!!
loved it...!

Neeraja said...

Hey I've read this already :P But I don't mind reading it again, anyway. :)