A blinking dot,
through the white nothingness

A nudge here,
A drop there
A life breathes

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triyash said...

day by day its getting difficult to comprehend your compositions...

u have lot of explaination to give.

ps. wht abt breezer date???

RiverSoul said...


Winnie the poohi said...

u r on dear! :D :D

lemme call ya now.. and plan ;)

Usha Pisharody said...

Vivid, that dot!

You breathe life into the words!!

Anonymous said...

amusing ....

now read this :

A thoghut,a smile,
amused i am,for what you write...
you want to know what i read here?
i still can not decide....
What to understand,
and what to leave behind ?

Anonymous said...

emotions flow
with every line
whatever u write,
u write so fine :)


Sneha said...

i think you might have a different intention in mind while writing this, but i interpreted it differently ... itz fantastic watsoeva :P

Aki..... said...

hmmm.. i keep guessing what this particular work means... is it a egg, or is it a birth of a baby.. please.. do tell me... i'm breaking my head

Neeraja said...

=)) Breaking her head is probably the simplest result your poetry has ever caused! :) Not for simple minds like mine, huh?

Winnie the poohi said...

@uddy where is our breezer date or rather when ??

@sid thnx :)

@ Usha! Thank you :)

@pratsie.. ah thats a lovely impromptu verse... take whatever you can and leave nothing behind :P :P

@sneha.. acc to me.. a poetry shud mean diff things to diff people.. if mine induced to interpret it differently.. then its like i have been successful :) Do tell me about your interpretation!

@aki.. its just a dot.. on the computer screen.. a pixel may be :D

@neeru! You try so hard to find complicated meanings while the answer is so simple :P

haritha said...

hmm.true n true..gud 1

Winnie the poohi said...

Thank you :)