Ode To Boredom

Ahem feel free to be bored .. This poem is meant to bore you.. Its written by me and manish on the GTalk ... Feel free to skip this one.. for it was born out of boredom

Oh boredom, my faithful lover
You never leave me alone
I wish you were a mobile phone,
And I kept you in silent mode

but then u come back to me vibrating and calling
And I return to mindless brawling
I wish I could leave you in oblivion,
Where nothingness reigns..
Darn you dethroned the king,
and left him with a sling

Now you enslave me,
won't let me discover distant lands
u want to be with me always,
u never understand

With you now my every moment spent,
seems like an uneventful event
Lifeless life and strifeless strife!
I can kill you with a knife

oh boredom I always curse you
May you never get your due
For every piece of art is born out of boredom..
And yet you never get the status of martyrdom

but i know it's you and only you
that would be with me till my death
and I'll leave the life behind
but will take you with me to eternity

So I embrace you finally..
with all my heart..
save me from pointless hurts and distasteful words!

One again.. this was meant to bore :)

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Usha Pisharody said...

Lol :)

Sorry, couldn't be bored! Rather enjoyed the meandering ramble here!

WarmSunshine said...

Funny! I wasn't bored either :)
I love your writings :)

RiverSoul said...

If this was your idea of a boring work? I'm sweating with anticipation of your "interesting" work.
Lemme see that sometime
This definitely isn't borin.

--xh-- said...

lol... odd to boredom... awesome idea

Winnie the poohi said...


I dunno what to say! Thank you guys!

triyash said...

can be classified as a humorous post....

it kept boredom away for a while..

Anonymous said...

u call this boring??? r u mad?? ;)

lol... that too on gtalk...?? u r brilliant poohi!! :D


Neeraja said...

I've won this challenge. I've come out triumphant - UN-bored :D

Winnie the poohi said...


Thank you guys!