A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.
Glittering through  life,
Me, no one can ignore.
When I talk, when I smile
Many a heart beat stop awhile.
A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.

Solitaire. Solitary. Alone.
When required, 
I can rip  apart your bones.
Hard as nails. Cold as stone.
A solitaire diamond, thats what I am.

Ornamental at his arms,
Dancing at a snap of his fingers
I seduce with  many charms.
Behind me envy lingers,
A collector's item I am.
A solitaire diamond thats what I am.

Prompted at TOP and ReadWritePoems

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Tumblewords: said...

Words of survival, lyrical and strong!

Anonymous said...


Linda Jacobs said...

Excellent! Especially that second stanza!

Nave said...

Umm.. Is this one of your old writes?

Wonderful piece!! Some wise man said -
Solitaire is a Precious & Lovely Diamond but it is always the only one in necklace. This is it's boon, this is it's curse.

Illeen said...

it's so very beautiful.. with each read the admiration grows.. :)