The problem with waking up...

Every night you visit me,
Beneath the moonlit sky
Under the canopy of stars
We watch the world gently pass by

In the forest of my dreams,
We dance with the leaves
To the rhythm of the dancing stream
With my hand on your sleeve

We swim in the valley of happiness
Drenched in contentment- feeling blessed!
In the garden of wishes
We exchange few kisses

Reveling in your proximity
I grow into an unmatched beauty
Your eyes caressing me with such avidity
And your touch turning  me into a restless sea

And then to wake up to dismal reality
Of dealing with your frigid formality
And knowing for sure that it is true
Of my feelings you have no clue!

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Nave said...

:D had fun with this one!!! this was "my type" of poetry :D love it :) This was Penoramatic!!!

hitch writer said...

not a specialist on poetry but i thought that was a wonderfully passionate few verses follwed by a heart breaking end !

Illeen said...

I can relate to it in a's like u r putting my emotions to words.
really nice poohi.. :)

Mayz said...

passion...totally my kinda stuff!!! loved d whole flow of words n emotions wid it...

Anand said...

niceee.. I like !!

Diana said...

So passionate lines yaar....Indeed romantic.

Sanket Rathod said...

...maybe "you" HAS a clue!
dream on!!!