I met three tears yesterday

I met three tears today,
To hold them at bay
I struggled so much;
Yet they sneaked through anyway

   Trickled down 
       her cheek  so pale
In the welcoming folds 
Of my careworn saree

The next 
    found its way 
         To her quivering lip
A dew,
On a tender flower-tip,
I gently kissed it away

And the third, 
    didn't dare leave 
       The  safety of her doe-eyed lids

Like a diamond in the light.
I clutched her to me really tight!

Ah I met three tears today
A rain, a dew and a diamond
They did what words couldn't do.
Bound us in an unwavering bond....

Written for ReadWritePoem

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hitchwriter said...

Tears were never that beautiful before...

beautiful way of putting it...

and btw your writing at 3.45 ? I thought you were living in india ?

cricket fan >? lol

Winnie the poohi said...

Ah occupational hazard! I work nights :D

Nave said...

:) One of your best ones, this ... I give it a big elbow .. the spanish archer ;)

Sanket Rathod said...

...oW ... that came too strong!
... simply great!

Usha Pisharody said...

Amazing.. delicate and so so so beautiful :)

Marcia said...

Simply beautiful

pinnaclE said...

beauty!!! tried a lot to comment on ths but could not collect words....awesome..:)