All or nothing at all

Tell me your innermost dreams
Your fears .. the world as it seems
I want all or nothing at all

Tell me how much you love me
how much you miss me
tell me you cant live without me
tell me tell me all!

give me your insecurities, all your fallacies
give me all ...
I want all or nothing at all

I want you joys your sadness.
I want to hold you..
In my arms you can find madness
Forget your worries forget all

Reach for me when you fall
Reach for me when you are lost
reach for me in troubles soo deep
Reach for me in you sleep
I'll be there whenever you call
Reach for me

Share with me.. your life
I'll be there in every strife
I'll be there in your happiness
I will share
Let me hold you let me care
I want all or nothing at all

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Anonymous said...

i know whom this poem is for :P but i love it anyways.
crazy, isnt it, "all or nothin at all" makes us write poems for specific ppl in both our lives :D


Neeru said...

incidentally both our poems end with "all or nothing at all". :) did u notice?

Anonymous said...

too bad ur work is copyrighted...
i'd have taken it long back else...!!

its soooooo awesome...!!