My Abode

Identity is such an confusing entity..
Do u belong to this or other city?
The citizens of global mayhem..
We are forever exiled...

What am i? Who am i?
Asks my torchered sigh
On lonely misty wintery night
where am i?

Who says you cannot be on two boats at the same time?
I do that all the time
Life is full of unresolved unfinished thoughts
Some really dear and some fraught.

And yet, or may be because of it
I find myself lost
In the mirage of my crazy dreams
entangled .. at what cost ?

Suspended reality,
distorted visions
Visceral duality or is it
congenital abnormality ?

Wander lust i aint got any..
And yet i roam through trecherous road
sauntering like a spinning jenny..
I search for my abode

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Anonymous said...

so true...identity is confusing...