Lady of the night

Yesterday Neeru and me decided to write a poem on the topic "Lady of the night" or the prostitutes.. somehow my imagination went overdrive and I produced 2 of them.. here is it.....

The moon is shining bright
But can it match the sight?
Of my reflection?
Oh.. Urvashi's resurrection!!!!

Jittering nerves n broken pride..
Glittering adornment doth hide
Tears of pearls r n vanity abide
The soiled .. any body's bride

Oh what wouldn't i give
To b back to poet's hut...
In his arms my eyes shut
And not in this ostentatious rut

But I am lady of the night
How can I light
Someone's hearth...
I am blighted... since birth!

The second poem starts very much like sarojini naidu's poem.. but the words are mine.. it just flowed and i cudnt contain.. I hope you like it as much as I do!!

Nay do not grieve for the tortured sigh
,Not while I am in your arms...
Kiss me senseless i wont fight
For I am the lady of the night!

Nay do not stop for dawn is nigh..
Farmers already left for the farms....
We are here on borrowed moments,
And yet my love flows in torrents.

Nay, oh luminous moon, do not go..
Lets try and fight your foe
The shining sun ever so bright...
Mocks,On my distressed plight!

Nay do not stop its time to go
Don't look back at my woe,
Magic in the night, I do unfurl...
I am but an helpless girl..

Nay do not let the love bites hide
In the light of sparkling tear
Nor forget the night's wanton cheer...
The final offering..
Of your one night bride!!

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