Blog song

This poem is dedicated for Vishal and all those who dont blog after the first time :-)

As i look at you blog
Alone and desolate
Waiting for the owner to log
And then to clear the clog
In his head

It waits for words
Deep hidden
Thoughts with wings

Like birds, It waits

As i look at the man with guitar
Craving for some song
clitter clatter of your mouse
Some love song.. or some swan song!

And then I turn to mine
All ready to shine
My itterly bitterly thoughts
With renewed energy
If not anything else i atleast whine!
Not let my blog alone : :

4 visitors stopped by.:

->V<- said...

Oi... u're turning my laziness in to an Ekta Kapoor serial to improve yr TRP ? :P :D

Psst...I want a royalty now :D :D

Winnie the poohi said...

u get a free hug [:P]

The Mystic said...

oh di!! i never had a chance of readin dis blog!!! i luvv it to u knw!!

Anonymous said...

song of inspiration?? ;)