Landmarks in life [I guess weird isnt it? ]

Trudgeing the well beaten path..
I am not the first one to be here ...
and I wont be the last!

I dont go fast..
I keep chugging at my pace..
Like an old engine, coming atlast...

May be i havent grabbed all the opputunity..
May be i have not been stellar
But i have left somethings..
that would last till eternity...

This is the place i have come like every one else..
And yet I do stand apart..
Coz i stopped by to see the art..
Art in the hands of divinity..

Here i saw the valour of human race..
And i saw the bedazzled evil face
I saw the innocence.. hidden in grime
I saw kindness bestowed in crime..
I made friendshp that mattered
I made mistakes that shattered..

And I learned from this all
You cannot raise until you fall
And then some more...

All these ppl I observed.
All those visions I noticed..
And I left my mark on them..
As they left on me..

And now I am more humane
coz of thisI know a part of me will stay
While I wud have long gone away..

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walker walkin alone said...

Interesting thought...Every love steals a part of the heart...
But, I feel it is more the covring that is stolen..And at last, The bright flesh gives unbearable pleasure...But, that is how far you can seek and search, and, if you walk from here, then flesh fall off...and you will never be you...

I am not the first one to be here
and I wont be the last

Loved it...

Flo said...

oh btw.....i wrote a new poem too :)

Flo said...

did u get my prev comment??? :|

i asked you smthing...
abt the art and raise thing...

The confused Pen said...

atta way to go!

writing about yourself..... and writing a poem about yourself.

the first is egoistical, the second is nigh impossible, so congratulations!

->V<- said...

aah !! ...what a poem !
..very mature :)

Anonymous said...

ahh, its fantastic...!!

and i learned from this all
you cant rise until u fall...

so true...!!