Forever and a day....

Magic in the dawn
Chirping birds on the lawn
Wasn't it perfect
On that special day?

And yet i didnt see the birds
nor the flowers that unfurled
Coz i was looking out for you
You. my honey.. my world...

eyes lost into eyes..
hands enclasped never to let go
in every every sigh
love.. you did show..

That day.. do you remember ?
You promised me ... forever
enmeshed with me in heavenly dance.
Bliss in every glance..

It is again a magical dawn
birds are still in the lawn
and I wait for you.. yet
You have long passed away..

Its been an year since that day.
When lady love scorned my way
Love is lost so are you..
Borrowed joy lost like the morning dew..

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Anonymous said...

y do i sense a bittersweet pain in all ur poems? is somethin goin on that i donno abt? :O


Anonymous said...

bittersweet pain?? seriously??