The song

A note soared high,
In the golden misty morning
Slowly reached the sky,


Twirled with the clouds
Swirled with the winds
Danced with the fallen leaves,


Singing birds in tandem,
Croon in delight
Diadem of dew drops on flowers,shining bright


As the dream fairy slips way,
Dancing to your haunting melody
I wake up and hear you play


You weave magic with your flute,
Silken knots of finest golden,
I bear witness mute,


As the world disappears,
into oblivion;
And I build castles in the air

An illusion

Reveling in the fantasy,
A melange of hopes,
Like waves in the sea,


But your music ends,
And my castles crumble,
To reality I stumble

A will o' wisp

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Neeraja said...

:) uve been busy without me!!!

RiverSoul said...

I love flute too.

Historiophile said...

wow...what an imagery you have woven around a flute!!