Looking through the inner me,
A distorted vision I find
Memories golden, rose tinted sea
colors of various intensity,
Images flit through my fickle mind.

With words, pauses and random rhymes;
I paint them in various hues,
Wayward thoughts, rants and dreams.
A poetess? A writer? Confusion reigns!
Everyday I am born anew :-)

P.S: I had this in my profile for long.. as "about me" on this blogger.. just updated it into a verse :)

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Linda Jacobs said...

I love that last line! Yes, each day is a new experience and a new chance for us to be whoever and whatever we want!

Well done!

SweetTalking Guy.. said...

Phew, this reads like the blog looks, so I guess it's spot on!

sachin said...

nice blog......


Anonymous said...

umm...awesome me-me!! :)
ps: when are u doing my poem tag? on what day you want to be??

Winnie the poohi said...

linda, sweet talking guy and vinay thank you!