Corroded corridors,
Momentous memories

A kiss, a hug
Happiness galore
That little tug,
in the lover's heart

Lifeless pillars
Colossal carnage

A river of blood,
The tears flood
And hearts dread
As people fled

A day of terror
As hell broke over
Marked us forever

The towers crumbled
And the doyens, humbled
Raised hands in a prayer
The world stay mute

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Anonymous said...

wonderful words,from a wonderful heart,
makes this poem, a world class art.

nickdigital said...

Beautifully done !! the symmetry was gone in the last two paras but that takes nothing from it !! very well penned !!

--xh-- said...

beautiful tribute... that day will never be forgotten...

Winnie the poohi said...

thank you vinay :)

hmm yes navin.. but as u know i was stuck with it.. am glad it came out well

xh thnx :)