P.S: This seems like a bunch of verses put together.. i dunno wht i am expressing.. I am not sure too.. just like modern art may be bah! I call it confusion :D :D

Shifting shadows,
Twirling tight
Like some thoughts coiled inside

A thousand death,
Every moment I die
like a crawling reptile- A parasite

No escape, no respite
I die as i live and live as i die
Incomprehensible plight

Am I right?
Is this wrong ?
Just the same it is- Black or white..

There are no colors,
No words.. just meaningless scribbles
Like the bread that mouse nibbles

Empty.. days and night
Empty.. my words
Empty.. my mind

What exactly do I search ?
What exactly do I mean
What exactly?

Swirling smoke
Nerve wracking numbness
Awaits, I no longer want to hide

I no longer want to fight

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--xh-- said...

:-D i think i see a connection - a link between the lines.. not disconnected thoughts as u said...

Winnie the poohi said...

ah what connection do you see? :D :D

Anonymous said...

me too waitin for xh to reply!! :)
nice one winnieeeee...!!

Aki..... said...

exactly how i feel everyday in engineering college.. :-D.. apt title.. describes confusion.. the poem is not confusing...